Parents Night Out!!! What should we do?
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The moons have aligned and we (three couples, early 30s) have managed to secure 3 babysitters are are all going out for diner and ????? What should we do?

Dinner will be long and relaxing. There will be much drinking and chatting. Afterwards we were thinking of a semi structured activity. Possibly something like bowling which the group enjoyed once before but one person has a wrist injury so bowling is out. Perhaps darts? Beer pong?

What are all the cool not-kids doing for fun these days?

This will all take place in San Jose, CA if you have a specific recommendation, but even general suggestions of activities that have been fun are fine. We could likely find something local.
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What are all the cool not-kids doing for fun these days?

See if you can find a barcade near you.
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Barcade is good. Mini-golf?
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Karaoke with your own private room.
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It's October -- what about a haunted house or corn maze or hay ride?

Personally, I would forego the activity and hire a driver to either drive you home after dinner or drive you around to whatever bars you are interested in. That way you won't need designated driver. Eating, drinking and talking. What more do you need?
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We already have a driver hired to bring us home in one of our minivans (natch).
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Six people is enough for a modest orgy.
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Maybe a campfire sonewhere?
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I'd enjoy whatever the hell happened and then I'd work out a babysitting coop so that every week one couple took care of the other two couples' kids (or some other arrangement) so that y'all got to have regular date nights without finding sitters. If you like and trust each other and your kids get along. I always wanted to do this but never had other couple friends with kids when my daughter was growing up.
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Is bocce ball a thing down there? It's like bowling but doesn't have nearly the wrist action.
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Go to a comedy club.
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I was thinking comedy club too. We recently went with a few couples. Had a few drinks, saw the show, then more chatting afterwards. We laughed so hard and then talked about it forever afterward.
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Barcade, (around here Dave and Buster's), yes, same kind of fun as bowling, but more variety. Or how about a burlesque show, or other fun local show that's a little something different?

But I think a haunted house without the kids could be really fun. We have some around here that are pretty adult themed and serve alcohol while you wait. (Or sneak in flasks! Feel like teenagers!) Sit outside around the bonfire drinking and chatting while you wait your turn, and then enjoy some good old nostalgic cheesy fun, let yourselves jump and scream and be startled. Afterward, some hot cocoa or cider, and Halloween-y snacks. Good times! (The key here is finding a haunted house with that atmosphere, bonfire, etc., I don't know if that's common across the country, or we just take them really seriously here. )
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Not married with kids but old enough. My friends and I are finding that no matter how excited we are, we just want to sleep at 11. So I recommend starting dinner a ridiculously early hour.
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Bocce is certainly a thing down here. In fact we just did a big parents' night out at Campo di Bocce in Los Gatos. It worked out well, but we probably spent more time chatting than actually playing.
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So for the curious, we had a 3 hour dinner (Greek) with so many cocktails. Checked out our local "speakeasy", passed several dance clubs that we were way too old for and finished the night at a patio with beer pong/shuffle board. Myself and another mom were undefeated at beer pong. Only havering to give up the table when they literally turned the lights on and closed the bar! Very fun. We were out until 2:30 which is late for us old folks but had fun kicking early 20 yo butt at a silly game :)
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We aren't interested in a babysitter co-op as we all have sitters that we can use for date nights but we really want to go out with each other. It's getting everyone free on the same night that is the trick!

Comedy club is a great idea for next time!!
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