Looking hopelessly for a certain kind of slim-fit chinos for the office
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So I'm having serious trouble finding what I thought was a totally common style of pants. What I want are men's slim fit chinos that A) do not "sit below the waist"/are not "low-rise," so you can actually tuck a dress shirt into them properly, AND B) don't have the permanent creases on the legs. I'm NOT talking about pleats: I'm talking about the permanent creases that run the entire front and back lengths of the leg, which give the pants kind of a pointy look to them (it's dressier). I've found pants that satisfy A but not B, and pants that satisfy B but not A. Thanks everyone.

Here's where I've looked so far:

J Crew
Jos. A Bank
Banana Republic
L.L. Bean
Brooks Brothers
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Aiden Slim-Fit Chino from Banana Republic. Flat front, sits at waist, no creases on the legs.

Like that?
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Uniqlo has a slim-fit chino that seems to fit the bill.
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Try Bonobos.
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The crease down the middle is not necessarily permanent so check on that too. It may go away after the first wash.
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Both Urban Outfitters American and UK sites have a selection of Men's chinos such as this one. I found really nice classic women's chinos there. Chinos are hard to find. Oh, though I don't know if any would be slim fit enough for you.
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I am currently wearing uniqlo chinos that I just got in the mail earlier this week and they satisfy your requirements exactly.

Plus they are very comfy material.
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Check out Style Girlfriend. She's speaking here about colored chinos but they come in all sorts of colors so don't let that slow you down.
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Yep, Aidan chinos from Banana Republic satisfy all your criteria. I'm wearing them now!
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Seconding bonobos.

Also, the levi 511 slacks fit correctly at the waist and don't have the creases. Some of my favorite pants actually.
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H&M button fly chinos have a high rise. Not super dressy - they have jeans rivots and 5 pockets. But good enough for my office anyway.
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Actually, now that I've thought about it some more, check out UNIS and Epaulet.
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The Dockers Alphas are pretty much this, although the pant has a thicker texture that's almost a denim/chino hybrid.
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This exact set of criteria is why Bonobos made every pair of chinos I still own.
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FWIW, I have a couple pair of the J. Crew "Urban Slim" trousers and would not have said they sit below the waist before looking them up. I wear them to work with dress shirts/ties all the time, and have never had a problem tucking shirts in.
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Uniqlo's slim fit chinos are my favorite pants I own.
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I've been wearing casual chinos made by a company called blue and sold by men's wearhouse for the past year that sound like they fit the bill. They're normally $70 but I've gotten them b1g1 the last two times (including just two weeks ago).
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