Where to rent an Elliptical Machine in NYC?
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Where can a person rent an elliptical exercise machine (e.g. Precor) in New York City? I'm interested in getting a high quality elliptical machine for home use, but I'm concerned about the cost and my relative lack of self-motivation. I don't want to spend $2000+ on a machine that I use five times then ignore. I'd rather rent for a while until I'm sure it works for me. I need something at home -- gym membership is not an option. Is there any company that will rent me an elliptical machine by the month, and deliver to my apartment in Manhattan?
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These people do home fitness equipment rentals. No personal experience with them. The rental contact name has a 212 area code too. They have a bunch of ellipticals.
posted by barnone at 8:10 PM on November 10, 2005

dudeman, I wanted to ask you privately to let me know how you make out - this sounds like a great idea to me and I may want to follow suit - but you don't have an email listed.
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Followup: I phoned Gym Source (barnone's reference) and got a price quote from their representative:

$100 for delivery
$495/month for rental
$100 for pickup

Three months rental at their rates would buy me a decent home quality elliptical. Five months rental would buy me a used Precor. So unfortunately it's not economical.
posted by dudeman at 11:33 AM on November 14, 2005

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