Any interesting things to note driving Charleston, SC to Richmond, VA?
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Work trip early next week driving from Charleston, SC, to Richmond, VA. Are there any points of interest or tips about I-95 that I should be aware of? Also interested in fun things to do in Richmond.
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Battlerama. Although it's off I-85, not I-95--it's a bit south of Richmond, where the two highways are not too far apart.
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South of the Border is best appreciated only through billboards (not worth a stop). In Wilson, NC, there is a collection of large-scale whirligigs from a local artist, but I'm a bit confused as to its current status. In any case, there is good barbecue (which in this area means pulled pork) just off the highway at Parker's in Wilson.
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If you haven't eaten your fill of barbeque by your arrival in Richmond, remember visit the Alamo. The Texas Trainwreck is excellent as are the grilled fish tacos. It's also in Church Hill which is near an amazing sweeping view of the James River at sunset from Libby Hill Park.

Maymont has winding trails through different gardens, and Hollywood Cemetery is full of old monuments including James Monroe.
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If you go to Church Hill for Alamo BBQ, stop at WPA Bakery afterwards for a slice of buttermilk pie.
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If you have a free day, it's worth driving over to Charlottesville to check out Monticello. The art museum in richmond is worth checking out for the Faberge Egg collection.
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Also, bar-hopping in Carytown.
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Bentonville Battleground, if you can stand some melancholy at the last (major, futile, stupid) battle of the civil war.
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