I-90 East road trip, where do we stop for pie ? Diner reco needed
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You are driving from Buffalo to Boston on the I-90. It’s past 9pm. You need a good diner (coffee, pie, grease) to stop at that isn’t too far off the highway or too close to Boston, to break up the drive. Where do you stop?
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Circle Diner, Latham NY. Take 87 north a few exits in Albany.
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The Whately Diner in Massachusetts is great, if you can make it that far. Added bonus, depending on where you're going in Boston, you can make the switch easily to route 2, which I find a nicer drive across Massachusetts than I90.
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If it's not too long after 9:00, Grandma's. Thruway exit 24, 0.5 mile north on I-87 to exit 2E, about 1 mile east on Central Ave. (NY Route 5).
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Seconding Grandma's in Albany.
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Local Burger in Northampton, MA.

Nerdy burgers made out of buffalo, mushroom, etc.
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joe's diner, lee, MA, if you can get there by around 8 PM. I think they close at 9.
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There are service plazas on the Mass Pike eastbound at Lee, Blandford, Ludlow, Charlton, and Natick. (Lee is the furthest west.)

These are places you can stop without leaving the toll road for gas and food.
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They will not have pie.
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I want to +1 the Whately Diner, but it's a bit out of the way from I90.
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They will not have pie.

Not the kind you want to be eating, anyway.
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Oh, Whately - I spent so much of my college years doing late-night trips to the Whately Diner. It's really good. As bobafet said, it is quite a ways off of I-90, but I also agree with General Malaise that the drive from there to Boston on Rt. 2 is really quite nice, and getting off of the Pike is generally a plus for all reasons. This would be what I'd do in your shoes. However, if you opt to stop in Albany, the city really is amazingly convenient for on-and-off of the Thruway; I'd do this if I didn't want to stray from the original route.
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Open 24/7 a few miles north of I-90 as it passes through Albany: the Latham 76 Diner in (as you might expect) Latham, NY. Just a good solid diner all around. They also have a beer/wine/liquor license for those of you who aren't in the driver's seat.
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FYI, I believe there's some construction on the Boston end of I-90 - that shouldn't be a problem if you're getting in to town late, but you might want to look into it.
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