What were they inhaling?
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What were those high schoolers inhaling on my bus in the late 70's?

In the late 70's where I lived in the coastal south the school-buses carried all age groups on the same bus - highschoolers down to elementary school. It was not always a pleasant experience. As you'd expect the 'wild ones' sat in the very back of the bus. Regularly some of these kids were inhaling something back there to get high. You would hear a loud POP and then a very noisy crackling sound like heavy duty cellophane being balled up. Within a minute or two it became very difficult to breathe on the bus. The air seemed to be filled with invisible particulates that made everyone cough and gasping for air. It didn't last long but you could hear giddiness coming from the very back seats as whatever it was they were doing took effect.

My question is - what were they doing? What was it that made it so difficult to breathe for the rest of us? I've always wondered about this and thought if anyone could answer this it would be on the green.
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Best answer: Poppers
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Response by poster: Interesting...if one person was doing them, what made everyone else on the bus cough?
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Best answer: Second hand smoke amyl nitrite. I've been around it and that's not hard to imagine.
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Amyl Nitrate is very volatile meaning once exposed it evaporates quickly and spreads into the surrounding atmosphere readily. It is an irritant to mucous membranes.

Per above it was almost certainly Amyl Nitrate.
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I've heard it described as smelling like dirty socks.
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