How big should a kennel for a sausage dog be?
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I'm going to build a kennel for a sausage dog that isn't yet born. I don't have access to a sausage dog to measure one. Can you give me rough dimensions for a kennel for a puppy sausage dog who will one day grow into a full size sausage dog?
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Is this a miniature or a standard dachshund? Miniature dachshunds do not weigh more than 12lbs, whereas a standard dachshund could be up to 32lbs.

According to this guide, a 24"x18" crate would be the size that you're looking for, suitable for a dog up to 30lbs. That's for an indoor crate, where the dog will not spend more than a few hours a day. If you're building an outdoor kennel where the dog will be spending most of its time, you're going to want something a lot bigger, probably with a run attached.
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If you'll be using it in part for housetraining, you may want a smaller one for the puppy, or put a divider in it until it's bigger.
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The word "kennel" is used semi-interchangeably for an indoor pet crate and for an outdoor fenced dog run. By "build", maybe you mean an outdoor fenced dog run, or that you are looking to make your own furniture end-table dog crate. Can you clarify?

If you already have a litter spot reserved, you could also ask the breeder for the dimensions of the parent dog(s).
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