How to get iTunes to play tracks without gaps?
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Seamless tracks in iTunes?

When playing tracks in iTunes there's always an annoying gap between tracks while the computer catches up with the next song. Is there a plugin or hack to pre-buffer the next song so I get a seamless audio experience? I remember Winamp being able to do this.
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iTunes > Preferences > Audio > Crossfade Playback
posted by FreezBoy at 1:04 PM on November 10, 2005

Although that won't actually solve your problem, just conceal it in a sometimes annoying fashion. I don't think itunes does gapless playback, just as the ipod doesn't.
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I've looked into it before, and there doesn't seem to be a solution. I just use MacAmp for all my gapless audio needs (e.g., live FLAC bootlegs).
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Response by poster: Thanks FreezBoy, but tried that - it works "too well" and cuts off the beginning of the next track, as selfnoise noted. Darn, that's a shame, someone could get rich with a seamless plugin.
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This has been asked a few times before here. Maybe someone marked something as a best answer. Otherwise I suggest Googling to see if Playlist Magazine, or or or someplace has a work-around.

My personal experience is either to join the tracks or use Toast (Mac user) to burn CDs with no gaps.
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Ditto. No solution. Here's hoping Apple will get around to it...
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Best answer: The feedback section might be a good place to lodge a feature request. Enough people requesting it will make it that much more likely that developers will be assigned to solve this problem.
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Turning on 'crossfade playback' and setting the overlap time to 0 seconds has always worked for me.
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Ditto chrismear's solution. Enabling cross-fade and setting the slider to zero results in seamless playback for me.
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BTW, Toast will still introduce a tiny, tiny but clearly audible bit of silence between tracks, even in "seamless" mode (zero gap). For true seamless audio cd's, Jam somehow does the trick. Completely gapless playback.
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Turning on 'crossfade playback' and setting the overlap time to 0 seconds has always worked for me.

I find that this works for live shows, but not for other things like house mixes, where the slight cutoff is noticeable.

In iTunes you can rip a CD as one complete track, so if you were never going to listen to individual tracks anyways, this might be an option.
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