Sudden Bad Breath/Sour Taste in Mouth
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About a year ago, I suddenly developed a sour taste in my mouth. What is the most likely cause?

I have seen a dentist, who told me that my hygiene is great, and an ENT, who had no real suggestions. Nor did my primary care doc at my last physical.

This bad taste started about a year ago now, and there has been no change in my medicines (I take omneprezol for GERD and a daily vitamin) in over 5 years. Health overall hasn't changed. I tried stopping the vitamin, and it didn't do anything. I also tried drinking lots of water in case it was just dry mouth, but that didn't do anything either.

Now to describe the taste... it is a metallic taste that I seem to mainly feel on and under my tounge. If I chew gum it goes away but 15 minutes later it is back.

A few things that come to mind, is that I used to get tonsil stones, but I haven't noticed them for some time. The ENT didn't see anything there either (I asked her to check). I tried a neti pot, but that didn't help. I tried brushing my tounge, but that didn't help.
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Now to describe the taste... it is a metallic taste that I seem to mainly feel on and under my tounge.

The name of the symptom is dysgeusia, and it can potentially be caused by all sorts of things.
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If you still have your tonsils, you may have what I had: a low grade, ongoing infection that is BEHIND the main parts of each tonsil (which happens sometimes, tonsils can have weird gaps and crevices nobody can see). This infection both fed and was fed by my sinusitis, and it only got resolved when I had a tonsillectomy. The gross metallic taste disappeared, too. :( Your mouth may vary.
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Have you checked your blood sugar lately? That metallic taste can be a symptom of hypoglycemia and/or diabetes. I get that metallic taste in my mouth too when my blood sugar is low and I have hypoglycemia.
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Do you have allergies and sleep with your mouth open? Your mouth can dry out overnight and cause this sort of sensation.
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This can also be caused by certain foods. Last year, I had a fairly bad case of "pine mouth" after eating a handful of raw pine nuts, which left a metallic taste in my mouth for weeks.
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Have you had your GI to check and see if your medication is controlling your GERD adequately? Sour taste in my mouth was one of the things my GI specialist latched onto; soon as I started pantoprazole (Tecta; 40mg/2x day) it was gone.
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