Name that tune.
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Please help me identify this song I heard once and can't get out of my head. (Better description and lame partial recreation within.)

So I heard this song playing in a coffee shop and haven't been able to get it out of my head, but I can't figure out how to find it so I'm hoping one of you has heard it. I tried to recreate the chorus as I remember it in a midi file that I've uploaded here. Qualities to keep in mind when listening:

- the midi file is choppy, but the song is actually very fluid and dreamy in its sound.

- this chorus looped several times.

- the vocalist is female, with a throaty voice that reminded me a little of Joan Armatrading.

- the song had an echoed quality that prevented me from making out the lyrics clearly.

If anyone has heard this song and can tell me the title/artist, I would be HUGELY grateful.
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Just a shot in the dark: is it by chance Nightcall from the Drive movie soundtrack?
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Response by poster: It is not. The song has a similar electronic vibe, but is more soothing and less eerie, and features only a female vocalist.
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Can't listen to your clip on my phone. Does it include remembered lyrics you can type out? Also, if you can give any other description it could be helpful (genre, tempo, era, etc.)
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The XX? I can't load your clip on my phone either. What genre?
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Response by poster: Here's a YouTube link for everyone since the .mp3 file apparently didn't work.
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Mod note: Replaced the link in the post, carry on.
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Could it possibly be Rehab by Amy Winehouse?
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Only thing that comes to mind given the sparse clues is River by Joni Mitchell.
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Best answer: In case anyone is checking back, I found the song. I think it's actually a man singing in falsetto, not a throaty female vocalist, but the recreation of the chorus wasn't miles off.

Calling in the Name of Love - Active Child
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