Creepy 1920/30s Era Music
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For a Halloween party, I'm setting up a haunted speakeasy, where the devil is emcee. I'm looking for vintage sounding records that may fit. Creepy, eerie tones are preferred. I'm looking for suggestions that run the gamut between piano only tracks, haunting vocals, maybe some orchestral and even big band sounds, and possibly some organ music. These don't have to be authentically from the era, but should sound like they would fit.
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East St. Louis Toodle-Oo by Duke Ellington (make sure it's the right version--some are darker than others). Also, the first 2 minutes and starting here in Black and Tan Fantasy.
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Django Reinhardt recordings, even the upbeat ones, are old and scratchy and beautiful and, in the right setting, creepy in the way you seem to be describing. Django formed his Quintette du Hot Club de France in 1934, but I'd go with any of his recordings, including those from the 40s, even though they're a little after your requested time period. Here's an example. Here's another.
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ThereminThis instrument was invented in 1928, and is signature for creepy classic.
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The only known recording of a castrato singing ave Maria.
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Minnie the Moocher has a strong Halloween-y feel, thanks to the creepy Betty Boop cartoons and Forbidden Zone. Both the Cab Calloway and Danny Elfman versions sound old-timey and awesome.

The Squirrel Nut Zippers have a couple of fun pastiches that might fit: Hell and Ghost of Stephen Foster.

I'd suggest looking at Fleisher and Disney cartoons of the era. They did plenty of spooky shorts, often featuring performances of toe-tapping Halloween-y tunes.
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I came in to say what Effluvia said: you want theremin music.
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Squirrel Nut Zippers have a few songs that might work:
Ghost of Stephen Foster
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How close are you sticking to the time period? If you are taking liberties, there are lots of songs by Pram that might work, or perhaps tracks from Quintron's Halloween recording "The Frog Tape ."
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Dead Man Blues, Jelly Roll Morton and the Red Hot Peppers.
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Cab Calloway - The Nightmare and St. James Infirmary
Bennie Moten - Imagination
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Oh! And definitely Danse Macabre, which comes in orchestral, piano, and banjo versions. Also, the Postmodern Jukebox version of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun is creepy.
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Sorry, a few more: Lead Belly In the Pines, Robert Johnson - Hellhounds on My Trail. And I'm really done, promise.
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Mysterious Mose

Also a bunch of suggestions in this video.
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Possibly something by the Comedian Harmonists? They were a German all-male close-harmony group from before WWII, and some of their recordings tap a pleasantly shivery vibe for me. Something about the hollow antique hiss of some of the tracks, plus the falsetto of their tenor. I mean, sometimes they do bouncy and/or goofy songs, but sometimes they do something languid or wistful or yearning and it has the potential to be eerie.

I was listening to some tonight, and here are a few tracks to check out:


Liebling, mein Herz läßt dich grüßen

Puppenhochzeit (more chipper than the above, kind of plinky, lots of hiss and falsetto)

You can easily buy individual mp3s from Amazon, and I'm sure other places as well.
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Dark Was the Night by Blind Willie Johnson
Haunted House Blues by Bessie Smith
Devil Got My Woman, Skip James
Water Boy, Odetta
Freight Train, Elizabeth Cotten
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Party sounds frightfully fun. Can I come?

Night Owl by Cliff Edwards

Evenin by Cab Calloway

The Russian Nightengale Song by Amelita Galli

Two Guitars by Eddie South

Somber Dimanche by George Boulanger et Son Orchestra.

Devil in the Bayou by Harry Choats (from 1946 but has the right vibe)

Somber Dimanche by Damia

Sam and Bill at the Graveyard by Emmitt Miller

Marie Laveau

Sorry for the lack of links but you can probably find them all on the YouTubes.
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Seven skeletons found in the yard by Lord Executor
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Sorry, thought of a few more!
Gloomy Sunday, Billie Holiday
Blood Thirsty Blues, Victory Spivey
The Mooche, Duke Ellington
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Die Moritat von Mackie Messer. The original version of Mack the Knife.
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I think this bit of exquisite creepiness from the Avett Brothers would fit right in.
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The Okeh Laughing Record (discussed here) is pretty unsettling.
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I would like it very much if you could get ahold of Marlene Dietrich doing "Hot Voodoo."
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Mefi Music's own The Scarring Party has at least a few songs that might fit the's the one that came to mind first: No More Room in Hell.
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Oh and Tom Waits frequently takes a hard left into spooky cabaret territory ... "Black Box Theme," "Flash Pan Hunter," "Tango Til They're Sore," "Swordfish Trombone," "Temptation."
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I second The Scarring Party! Their Ocean Bottom is the first thing I thought of when I saw your question. Check out their website for more tracks.
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"Jazz Devil" by Barry Adamson is tailor-made for your party.
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The Firewater cover of Paint It Black has a great Doomed Party feel and is slightly rougher/darker feel. "I Don't Care Much" from Cabaret, the spookiest waltz about desperation ever.
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"You Rascal, You," by Coleman Hawkins & The Mound City Blue Blowers. Cheerful but insistent death threats, backed up by kazoo and banjo.

"Miss Otis Regrets,"a murder ballad written by Cole Porter. Ella Fitzgerald's take is definitive, but Ethel Waters' crackly 1934 version might be a better fit for your party.
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Almost all recordings from the 1920s sound spooky to me, but the Anamule Dance by Jelly Roll Morton is one of my favorites. You might also want to check out playlists compiling songs from Sleep No More, which often goes for the same kind of vibe you're going for (and the spooky 20s background music was one of my favorite things about it).
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It's not explicitly "creepy", but if you're looking for a 20s/30s vibe with a bit of a twist, I've been enjoying a group called Caravan Palace. In addition to that YouTube link, there's a bunch of stuff on Spotify. Could fill out a playlist if you don't get enough of the really creepy stuff. Plus it's upbeat.
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It's actually kind of jolly, but the Memphis Jug Band's Whitewash Station is about the place ten miles from Hell where they're going to go when they die. Basically, it's where you can party without having to burn and the Devil can't get your soul. Also, jug band music is awesome party music.

More blues roots stuff:
-Geeshie Wiley - Last Kind Word
-more Blind Willie Johnson - God Moves on the Water
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Billie Holiday, Strange Fruit. That link is from the 50s but she started singing it in the 30s.
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Oscar "Papa" Celestin's "Marie LaVeau" is pretty creepy.
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Artie Shaw's "Nightmare" is kind of seminal.
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You need The Caretaker
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Some songs on the soundtrack of the animated movie "Chico and Rita" are that kind of jazz that is telling a sad story. I like it very much.
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