I need to photograph flooring samples. DIY light tent?
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The company I work for wants to take pictures of flooring samples (artificial surfaces that look almost identical to wood). They want 4-5 boards roughly 4 ft x 8 in laid flat and then photographed.

This will be done in a warehouse with 40 ft ceiling and florescent lighting.

I already have two strobes and a wireless trigger, but I'm wondering how I could build my own light-tent to avoid florescent pollution and give even illumination. The pre-built ones are nowhere near large enough.

Ideally, I would like something already fabricated, but understand if I will have to bust out a razor blade and my childish carpentry skills.


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Best answer: My brother used to work for a restaurant kitchen supply warehouse and they had a setup in the warehouse to photograph things that was constructed of white sheets stretched over a PVC frame. The most expensive part was the sheets because they had to buy queen sized in order to have a big enough space for photographing ovens, but they said the setup ran them a bit shy of $100 and it was easy to maintain because if it got dirty they could just bleach the sheets. Additionally, PVC doesn't require anything more than glue (to make it more sturdy, you can skip the glue entirely if you want), it's like k'nex for adults.
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Seconding the PVC pipe route, plumbing supply shops are your friend. I've made a few ad hoc warehouse studios for large objects with pipe, gaffer tape and large quantities of cheap muslin .
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Don't forget to set your custom white balance.
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