Help me find super-extra-long big-and-tall polo-type shirts!
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Help me find super-extra-long big-and-tall polo shirts so that I can meet work's dress code!

My group at work has recently relocated to a different building, and as part of that move we have to start adhering to the dress code at this facility. It's pretty much business casual, which means not-jeans and shirts with a collar (polo-type).

My problem lies with the fact that I can't find big-and-tall polo shirts that are long enough. Due to my size and body type and the way I'm built, I can just barely get by with ordering the "tall" shirt in my big size (which I'd rather not say), which is about 34-36" long. That works if I stretch it after washing, let it hang dry, and then make sure to keep tugging the shirt down during the day. Otherwise, if I'm not sitting down there's a risk of flashing the bottom of my gut.

I normally buy from King Size Direct or Casual Male XL, but none of the shirts they sell are longer than 34-36" even in "tall". I've searched all over and can't find any that are longer. Ideally, I'd like to find shirts that are 40" or longer, which would just about let me tuck them into my pants as is required by dress code.

Unless I can find something "off the shelf" orderable online, I'm going to have to find a local friend who will take one of my shirts (I have a bunch of identical ones) and sacrifice it in order to have the right fabric to make an "extension" on the front of all the rest.
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I have had good luck with Duluth Trading Company. Their stuff is cut big anyway, and their big and tall stuff is, uh, biggger/taller. It's all well-made stuff, too.
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Have you tried Eddie Bauer? My dad (6' 4" and not at all skinny) used to get their XXL Tall shirts and they fit him well.

They don't give the length in inches, but I bet their customer service could tell you.
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Could you wear an undershirt under your polo shirt that tucks in? That way if you "flash" anything it will be undershirt and not bare skin. Or do you have the same issue with finding undershirts that are long enough to tuck in? (I'm not familiar with standard clothing lengths so I'm not sure if my idea is feasible or not)
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Response by poster: Duluth was one of the first places I looked at, and their "longtail" shirts really aren't any longer (in fact, the T-shirts I bought a couple years ago were SHORTER) than "tall" shirts from KSD/CasualMaleXL.
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Response by poster: It appears that Eddie Bauer doesn't go up to the size I need.
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Ralph Lauren polo shirts in big/tall sizes have sleeve measurements that go up to 38.5 inches. They are not cheap, but if they end up working for you, you can try your luck at Marshall's or TJ Maxx, since I see them there often enough.
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My very tall husband had a similar problem and we used the tall shirts from casual male/Rochester over double length undershirts. I would buy several packages of plain white undershirts (tall size not needed). Cut the bottom 8" or so off one shirt and sew it on to the bottom of the other. These undershirt went to the top of his thighs so they were never, ever, ever going to get untucked on their own. Worked perfectly! You could also go with black or grey undershirts too!
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One data point. In my closet is a 3XLT house brand polo from Foundry Big and Tall that measures 36 1/2" from the top of the collar in the back to the bottom edge of the shirt.
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nth check out Marshall's Big & Tall Section for Polo shirts, they also carry 20 and 21 neck sized regular shirts. I buy Tall XLs for Husbunny there, but they go up to 4X and 5X--Tall.

Another option is Sean Jean

Go and try on before buying. Also, go up a size for length. If it's not pulling across your chest there's more to drape down.
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The Foundry has polos up to 5XLT
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I'm very interested in this too, but more for t-shirts -- my husband is built the same way, and his gut hanging out of his t-shirts makes me insane. (And my tugging his shirt down makes HIM insane.) So, t-shirt recommendations too please?
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Here's a Lacoste 2XT on a 6'5" guy: They also sell 3XT, 4XT, and 5XT, but don't have pics. You're aware of Zappos return policy?
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Big and Tall dude here.

Are you wearing your pants across your mid section or tucking it under your gut?
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Response by poster: Under my gut. I have never worn my pants up on my stomach, and I don't intend to start - for one, it would require much larger pants, and I hate that look as well.
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