What is this website about lesser-known cities?
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I remember recently reading a website that highlighted smaller/lesser-known American cities and talked about why they were great places to live, as an alternative to trendy cities like Austin, Asheville, etc. The article I remember reading was about a town in Texas that had beautiful architecture, complete with lots of photos. I thought it was called something like "you should live here" or "you should move here", but those aren't turning up any Google hits. Does anyone know what this might have been?
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I doubt it was Find Your Spot, but it seems to fit the bill.
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Your description reminds me of this post from The Billfold, So What Mid-Sized City Are We All Moving To?, which links to this Atlantic CityLab series Where Millenials Can Make It Now.
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Argh! I know just what you're talking about. I'm almost positive someone linked it from the green or the blue. I can't find it either.
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Maybe not the right website, but was the town Marfa, TX, by any chance?
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It wasn't movoto, was it? They have lots of little articles and lists of things about different cities.
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Smithsonian Magazine has a yearly feature of best small cities and includes a picture gallery. 2012 had Marfa, 2013 had Fredericksburg
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I know exactly what you mean, but can't remember it either. Frustrating!
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Best answer: I think this FPP is the one you're looking for?
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Response by poster: That's the one, thanks one_bean! Guess I should have put this in MeTa :)
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