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Help me decide on warmer footwear with a suit, but flat or with a low heel.

I recently started a new job where I am (happy!) wearing a suit every day, but now it's getting colder I'm stuck on what kind of footwear would be warmer than ballet flats but still very professional.

I'm tall enough that I don't wear heels, but a low (< 1 in) heel is OK. All of the flat boots I own are biker style and not professional enough. I envisaged wearing one pair of shoes to work and changing there, however I have to go out to buy lunch, and on errands and I'd rather not change shoes 5 times a day.

Here is my work wardrobe Pinterest board for an idea of my style.

Please help me have warm professional feet!
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What about a pair of lace up oxfords/brogues? It might be a bit more of a "menswear" look, but could totally work.
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Ankle boots could also work.
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What about a tiny wedge style boot? I love these sleek riding boots in black.
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I lean towards menswear style so that's fine. I'm not sure knee high boots would be good under a suit? Some of the trousers I wear are slightly cropped too.
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I am wearing these shoes today (though in a suede slate color which they don't seem to have anymore) and I heart them.
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Totally oxfords. I have two pairs from Cole Haan (on my phone. No links!).
Also loafers. I'd it were me, I'd get a black pair, a brown pair, and a gray pair of shoes to start. I get lots of shoes from Nordstrom rack. I think you can also get a pair of fancier flats that don't require socks (or have no show socks) for slightly shorter or ankle cut pants.
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Agree -- yes, Oxfords. I have Oxfords from Rockport that are very comfortable, but not that dressy given the sole. These ones from Fluevog (Brandenburg Light) are very comfortable and more dressy with a leather sole. Finally, you might consider a brogue or plain Chelsea boot.
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I have these, and routinely wear them with the "slouchy dress pants, cuffed up to ankle length" thing.

I also wear them with flouncy skirts, leggings, skinny jeans, and well... most everything I own.

You'd definitely want to size up for winter socks, though. Speaking of which, they also look super nice with a bit of a colored sock peeking out too.
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I love penny loafers!
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As brands go, look into Rieker – they have a lot of styles that hit all your sweet spots: low heels, menswear styles available, professional, and also comfortable & good for your feet.

You still in Paris? Knee-high boots are totally done in offices here, though yes, with skirts/skirt suits. Ankle boots are what are worn with trousers (and skirts as well, if the outfit works). Knee-highs can very much depend on the style, your age, the offices, etc. Definitely take cues from people around you, there are a lot of possibilities. It took me several years of observation to find knee-high styles that mesh with my personality, and now that I'm in Paris I've already noticed that I'll need to tweak it a bit in order to maintain a professional image in the office. (More sleek, essentially. In the south there was more wiggle room. But in Paris it's also nice to be able to wear sleeker things, which often come across as "trying too hard" in the south. Give and take, as always.)
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Hey Fraula, I am still in Paris, we need to do a meetup!

Thanks for all the great suggestions everyone, I have purchased these two pairs and have saved many more for later!
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