Can I get a virtual phone number in China?
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I want something like a Skype-in number for China. Not Hong Kong. Like Shanghai or Beijing ideally. It would be great if it called me on my laptop (i.e. not just a callforwarding service) I have a friend over there who can't afford to call out. That possible?
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Google for VOIP number Beijing.
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If the person is Chinese, they almost certainly have a QQ account (or can easily get one). QQ is a hugely popular chat program in China similar to skype (it's less popular than it used to be, and now there's WeChat, but that's mostly for phones and you said you wanted them to call on your laptop) . Most people in China have smart phones now, so you could download QQ International on your laptop, get an account, and talk to your friend that way.
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Try out Localphone - it's a service that gives you a local number in a certain city which then redirects to your own number or VoIP software. There's an incoming number available for Beijing, which you can either have forwarded to your own phone or to a PC app. Hope this is useful!
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This is your place:
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Another option is FlyNumber
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