Good bars to watch a Cowboys (vs. Giants) game near JFK airport?
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This Sunday, the Cowboys are playing the Giants at 4:25pm. My flight lands at JFK at 3:30pm (fingers crossed). Are there any good/existing sports bars that are pro-Cowboys, if not neutral (e.g., pro-Jets/Steelers/Patriots), and that are within 30-45 minutes driving distance of the airport? If not (or if the flight is delayed), are there any good sports bars in JFK?
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I was stuck at JFK this summer and watched World Cup football at the Hilton JFK Airport in Jamaica. Perfectly decent place to watch, have a beer and eat some wings, and likely as close to a neutral crowd as possible, given its probably going to be half or more out of towners.
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If your flight is scheduled to land at JFK, you're probably not getting out of there until 4, and you're way on the outskirts of town. Then you have to get a cab. Getting to Manhattan by 4:30 is the best of a best case scenario. I don't know about specific bars in JFK, but a Giants game will be on everywhere.

FWIW, New York sports fans generally aren't as dickishly chauvinistic about their fandom as other cities (I'm looking at you, Boston). You may get some good natured ribbing, but no one's going to hassle you for rooting for the Cowboys.
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Google JFK sports bars. Several choices.
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