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Can you make me an IPTV ninja? I finally tried loading up some stations on XBMC/Kodi and I am digging it immensely. I'm interested in getting tips on IPTV excellence. Any users here?

I'm particularly interested in where I can find updated lists of IPTV stations that are available. My home is in the US, but between having a Hungarian-Romanian partner and a Belarusian SIL, speaking serviceable Spanish, and being a fiend for UK tv, I can see a whole lot of uses for this.

What I want to know is: where do I find up-to-date lists of IPTV stations? And what stuff is out there that is fantastic (and works) should I make sure I try?
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Response by poster: Maybe IPTV is a bit like Usenet.

I.e., the first rule is not to talk about it.

People could message me if they don't want their secrets on teh internets.
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Response by poster: I may need to ask this again in a week leaving out the XBMC reference and making it clearer that I don't mean "IPTV" as a generic catchall for internet TV viewing. I mean live streams of real stations that can be streamed like channels using an IPTV playlist on XBMC, VLC, various smart TVs, etc.
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