Looking for really big flash-based websites.
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I am looking for some really big flash-based websites... any come to mind?

like flash interfaces that take up the whole screen... sites that might take a while to load because of how much data they contain (not just because of poor hosting) I need some examples of really enormous new, cool websites / playgrounds... thanks!
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I think Heavy.com fits the bill.
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Leo Burnett
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Artists' sites that I think are good flash-based sites:

Esao Andrews
Jim Ether
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new epitaph site - some elements are not in flash but most are conveyed via flash interface.
oh and of course new yahoo map.
and barcardilive site - man is that site slick.
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somehow the links didn't work - sorry.

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The rather impressive (technically, at least) Road Runner site. Big commercial portal, not a playground obviously. Still fulfills the criteria of "flash interfaces that take up the whole screen", "really enormous", and "might take a while to load".
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Pate a Son
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Justin Everette-Church's InfinitumDesign.com. His flash site is a town where you drive around a car to get to different pages.
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Thanks, everybody! these are all great! if anybody is still reading this, i'd like to refine my query... the saintsandsoldiers site was really close in, as well as the leo burnett site, considering it's non-traditional navigation... what i was looking for was some stuff along the lines of WEFAIL (the billy harvey site and whatnot) but the use of the panorama for navigation in the saints and soldiers site was helpful too...

So, if anybody else is still reading this, can you think of any huge flash sites, that don't necessarily look like websites?

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did you navigate more through site06.com? Thats pretty non-traditional.

Saints and Soldiers was done by Jared Kroff (who I hate with a fiery passion for being so damn good at his job)

He also did all the following sites, some are as good as the saints and soldiers site.


You can also look at some of the Blockbuster Type Movie that come out, usually those sites are in flash and pretty ornate. I remember the Hulk site being pretty big.

Out of curiosity, whats this for anyway?
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