Help me find the best tights!
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Help me find the best tights!

I am looking for tights/stockings for this winter. I am currently wearing a pair of burgundy HUE tights, but they are many years old and are not made of the current material that HUE now uses.

What I'm looking for:

-Warm cotton-like material
-Bright colors
-Not ribbed
-As far away from typical stocking material as possible (I really dislike the feeling of most tights against my feet, kind of itchy or thin...ugh makes my skin crawl).
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I also hate the constricting, scratchy feeling of tights. For winter (when I'm usually wearing some kind of boots anyway), I ended up getting fleece-lined leggings and wearing them in place of tights. It may not work for your footwear choices, but if you're boots-inclined definitely consider it — they're so much warmer and so much more comfortable, but look pretty similar.
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Wolford's "cotton velvet" line is fantastic (and expensive -- but the bright colors can be found on sale).
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MP or Wolford.
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Groupon Goods has a deep discount on fleece-lined leggings today!
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OMG Wolford. They cost about GBP 20.00 a pair, if not more than twice that, but the way they feel. it's partway between not knowing you have them on, and having your feet and legs hugged by a mob of intensely affectionate hamsters.

failing that, i have a good relationship with the M&S high denier opaques. like 70 denier or more. they aren't scratchy or chaotic like a lot of opaques out there. but if i could have whatever I wanted, I would wear nothing but wolford at all times.
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Wolford. I have a pair going on three years that I wear several days a week in winter, they still look like new, and are oh so comfortable.

Make sure to check the Wolford website on finding the right size.
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Response by poster: "Hugged by a mob of intensely affection hamsters" has really sold me. Wolford it is!

Thanks guys!
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