Intersex 101?
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I am very grateful that every time there's a post concerning trans issues here that the community posts a trans 101 link, and I'm wondering if any of you know of a reliable link that lists valid and non-offensive information about intersex people. Specifically, I would like to be a lot more culturally competent around issues of gender assignment at birth, surgery, helping an intersex child realize their identity, and the like.
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I have found mefi's own DrMew's blogs accessible and fascinating and informative. He dropped a link to this post into a discussion on the blue a while back, and there's also the intersex tag on his other blog (the one linked in his profile).
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone.

kalessin, I actually don't even know enough to talk particular conditions. I'm not intersex myself, but I would like to be a better ally.
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I've learned a lot from Inter/Act Youth, a group of people with DSDs from 14-25 years old. It wouldn't take too long to read through their whole blog.
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You may want to check out the documentary Intersexion.
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