Source for Box Office Figures?
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My retired husband maintains an entertainment website for a hobby. One page is devoted to posting the latest box office figures including Saturday and Sunday estimates as well as the Monday final results. Unfortunately his source for this info., IMDB and BoxOffice Mojo, were today taken over by and are presently unavailable, he believes permanently. Does anyone know of another, free source he might tap? He tells me that many got their data from these two, including BoxOffice Guru.
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The print edition of Variety. I would assume this data is also on their website, but a quick browse around didn't reveal it for me just now.
Fandango has a chart too.
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Best answer: This was the subject of a recent FPP and people discussed a few options there. It looks like a lot of the info is still available in IMDb if you poke around effectively, and there was one recommendation for
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I used to be addicted to playing The Hollywood Stock Exchange, and The Numbers was the #1 site for us to obsess over openings. +1 for it.
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Best answer: IMDB is working for me right now and has box office figures right on the front page. It's completely bizarre to think that IMDB will be permanently shuttered by Amazon, seeing as it's a vital resource for the entertainment industry that literally acts as working film/tv people's resumes.

If IMDB removes box office figures from the front page going forward (no idea why they would, but hypothetically), subscribing to their Pro level will probably fix this for him.
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Best answer: I can get to the IMDB top box office page just fine.
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Box Office Mojo is BACK, baby.

As far as other sources for box-office data go, I get plenty of that kind of stuff from Movie City News. Leonard Klady's box-office estimates show up in the left-hand column. They're within a million or two of everyone else's. And I think there's some question of exactly how accurate the official studio "estimates" really are ...
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It's offline again today.
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Response by poster: I didn't know it but the data he needs is a little deeper than the weekend totals. He's looking for the weekend gross, total gross, the change since last posting, movie rating, and a simple review measure such as Rotten Tomatoes percentages. He says the necessity of calculating all this himself takes the fun away.
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