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Where can we go in & around nyc to find winter clothes, preferably in one place, for good prices?

We just moved to NYC from a warm mediterranean climate.
going to be here all winter and want to keep enjoying the city even when its cold.

We are looking to buy a full good quality winter wardrobe, i.e. insulating boots, wind & waterproof insulating coats, thermal underwear, gloves etc. (we do want top brands)

We would prefer not to buy online, or at least try on stuff before we do.

Where can we go to find everything, preferably in on place, for good prices?

Is it worth the hustle to go to jersey gardens or woodberry? ($80 buss fair for 2 people??)
We have a semi-flexible budget of $1500 for 2 people.

Thanks :)

tl:dr: Best deals for winter cloths in NYC
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Century 21. Unbelievably crowded on weekends, weekdays, mornings afternoons, and evenings.
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The century 21 off Lincoln Square is much less crowded.
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Yeah- Century 21 kind of makes me want to go on a murder spree every time I go, there are SO many people, BUT I have gotten unbelievable deals there. A $300 suit jacket for $50, $100 rain boots for $25, etc.

I highly recommend that you buy rain boots/galoshes and thick socks for winter. Snow almost immediately turns to slush here, and massively deep puddles form at every streetcorner. I once stepped off a curb into 8 inches of ice-cold water. "Winter boots" do not help in a situation like that.
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This is more of a "what you need" answer than a "where to get it" one, but may change your plan a bit, so....

The good footwear is a must, but you maybe needn't worry about really heavy clothes like thermal and heavy down coats the way you think you may. It doesn't get Arctic here very often, and even if it does, so many buildings are going to be so well heated that it makes more sense to have a lot of layers than it does to think of getting heavy garments. Think more like a cotton undershirt, a shirt over that, and a sweater which you can take off if the heat is up really high in a building. I also do fine with a basic wool coat I got from a department store for dressy occasions, and a casual thin down coat that came with a removable liner that could be worn on its own as a jacket.

Uniqlo is a Japanese clothing company that's got some storefronts here, and they have good basic layering things - they make something called "heat tech" fabric that they use for thin layering pieces like shirts. They make them in a variety of colors so they're perfect for layering. They also make socks with the heat tech fabric, and that would definitely be good. They're also really affordable.
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As suggested above, the NYC climate is not super-cold. Usual winter daily highs are above freezing while nighttime temps are below. Living in the city requires a lot of walking, if only to and from the nearest subway stations. Winds can be strong and cold. Of course, it does go down to OF a few times each winter.

You need shoes/boots with a good tread that can withstand water and snow. For a man who wears a suit to work, the London Fog coat with zip out liner is adequate and inexpensive.

Don't forget hats with ear protection.
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Seconding Uniqlo. Nice affordable down jackets, cashmere sweaters, and long underwear. It's close to REI in Soho, where you can take care of boots.
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Patagonia - good quality, warm and waterproof clothes & shoes all in one place. If you get a warm coat, hat and gloves + waterproof boots, you'll be all set. There are very, very few days you'll need long underwear (but Patagonia makes excellent fleece long underwear if you want to go nuts with the cold weather gear).

I do recommend buying a warm but not too warm coat (something rated for the cold but not an arctic expedition parka) and a slim-fitting fleece jacket to go underneath. That way, you'll be ok in very cold weather with both on, but won't get heat stroke under a giant down coat on a 40 degree day. Also, take a look at the down-alternatives on the market now, a lot of the higher end ones are very warm.
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You can take the bus to Garden State Plaza from Port Authority for about $10 round trip and have hundreds of options!
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Thank you all for the great recommendations. They were all spot on. We ended up mixing and matching: Baselayers from SmartWool (which is amazing!) and Uniqlo, boots from Columbia men | women & rain boots (thanks @showbiz_liz), and we are waiting for black friday to see if we can find a better price for the Patagonia women parka.
Happy Holidays to all.
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