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My new phone's Bluetooth insists on automatically turning itself on without any authorization or configuration. Should I be concerned about vulnerability?

Android. Galaxy S5. Already uninstalled all apps. For whatever reason (and it only ever happens at one location; my work), Bluetooth will turn itself on. It has now happened three shifts in a row, even on days when it sits in my pocket the entire time.

My concern is some form of remote hacking.

1. What could be responsible for Bluetooth to turn itself on, and what of the specificity of my location?
2. What vulnerabilities are accessible through Bluetooth?
3. Are there are tools or apps I can use to track the changes to my phone?

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Are you running anything like Llama, where you have location-based profiles? Things like that can be used to automatically turn bluetooth on/off based on where you are.
posted by pipeski at 2:04 AM on October 11, 2014

Nope. Other than Tinder (which I've since deleted). The only location-based permit was to use Google Maps, but that was several days ago.

I should also note I work at a bar. (Which, I've read, along with coffee shops, are ripe for this sort of thing.)
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Can you see what devices it is connecting to at work or which are available?

Do you know what apps are running when the bluetooth seems to autostart?

Have you ever paired with something at work? Do you use bluetooth for other things?
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I'd be more worried about a hardware problem than a software vulnerability being exploited.
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Get Lookout and run it and make sure there's not anything goofy/insecure installed on the phone.

When you're at work and BT has turned itself back on, check your running apps via Application Manager | Running tab. Anything going on there?
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