Where can I buy a lightbox in NYC or Denver/Boulder?
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Are there any stores in NYC where I can buy a lightbox today or in Denver/Boulder where I can buy one this weekend?

Basically, that's the question.

I've investigated ship-to-store options for target, best buy, and bed bath and beyond but they all seem to take 5-7 days. I want to get it sooner and be able to pick up from a store. I'll have a car in CO.

Ideally, it would be travel sized.

I'm having no luck with google shoping in stores nearby option, so trying the hivemind.
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If push comes to shove you can always DIY a lightbox via your local Target or Walmart. I've used this setup for several years now.
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Like, a lightbox for photography? Have you tried K&M Camera?
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Response by poster: Ah, sorry to not be more clear. I mean a lightbox used for treatment of seasonal affective disorder. Not a photography light box.
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Best answer: I don't know about a light box itself, but "HappyLight" lamps are sold at Bed Bath and Beyond stores.
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Check out the Bed Bath & Beyond on the UWS near Lincoln Center.
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Response by poster: HappyLight is apparently a entry level light box. Just picked one up. Thanks!
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