Diplomacy: Framing a diploma
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As a gift to my girlfriend I'd like to get her university diploma framed. What should I take into consideration beforehand?

It dawned on me that she might need copies as proof if she changes employers, and that might be a bit of a pain in a frame. Should I be getting "certified" copies, and if so by whom? Is there anything else to take into consideration?
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I've only had to make a copy of my diploma for work visa requirements, I've never had a potential employer ask for a copy, but sure, it might happen. Even for the US INS (or whatever they're called now) I didn't need a "certified" copy - I just provided them with a regular photocopy and that was sufficient. If you make a couple of copies before you frame it, that would probably sufficient and might certainly save you some hassle later on.

The usual fool-proof way of proving you graduated is having the university send a certified transcript directly to the person that wants it. The only time I've ever seen that requested is for grad school applications though.

Getting it out of the frame and copying it wasn't all that hard though, it's not a big deal.
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You could of course just make a handful of copies prior to putting it into the frame. As for frames, many universities, through their university stores, offer frames which include the university logo or some other nice features.
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Is the diploma real sheepskin? If so, take it to a very reputable framer, preferably one recommended by the University, as it will need to be wet-mounted, stretched, tacked, &c.

Expect to pay $200-$300.
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Best answer: I have had potential employers ask for copies of my certificates, one even wanted the originals. My mother did have my bachelors certificate framed at home at one time until I had to ask her to pass it on. Frankly though I wouldn't want my own up around my house or office and wouldn't thank you for having them framed, especially at some expense. It would make me feel a total pillock if anyone saw then on my wall. Be sure your girlfriend doesn't feel the same way.
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Check this out. This company printed my diploma and if you order a preserved copy will print up an additional diploma so you can keep your own. Maybe they did your girlfriend's diploma. If not I think they can still preserve it, although that doesn't solve your problem of not having an extra copy.
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Best answer: FYI: I am in the process of getting my diploma certified by the Italian embassy for employment purposes.

They require not just a certified transcript, but also the original diploma with a jurat written on the back/blank sheet of paper attached to the back.

Copies are not accepted.

Just something to keep in mind should your girlfriend ever have thoughts about working overseas. YEmbassyMV.
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No one has ever asked to see my degree certificate, only my official transcript. Also, you can always take it out of the frame.

I bought my (now) husband a frame from his university for his degree, he really liked that. I did have hints that he would though, like him saying "I really want a frame from my university for my degree certificate".
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