Special effect lenses with a corrective prescription?
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I've been trying to locate some "white out"-style special effect contact lenses (the kind that make your iris and pupil a milky white, like Storm in the X-Men films when she uses her powers), but I've been having a hard time finding something that fits my prescription. Does anyone know of a reputable store that sells these kinds of SFX lenses with corrective power?

Specifically, I need a place that sells them with a base curve of 8.6, a diameter of 14.2, and -2.00/-2.25 power.

Been searching online for an hour--it's like looking for a needle in a haystack.
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How about these? I've ordered lenses from pinky paradise before. They have a couple of other lenses but these have a base curve of 8.6 but the diameter is 14.5. They also have custom powers for these lenses.
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I have seen these in the Wal-Mart Optical Centers, granted it was years ago, but I don't see why they still wouldn't carry them. I can't find any evidence that they do online.
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Upon further review, I missed the part where you said that you wanted something that would make your iris AND pupils white.

These two lenses use the term "white screen" go over both the iris and the pupil. Their BC is 8.6 but the diameter is 14.0 w/ custom power.
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