Help me find sexy, fashionable underwear as a xmas gift for my bf!
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My boyfriend is a clotheshorse and is a big fan of sexy undies in particular. I have no fashion sense whatsoever, but I would like to spend $25 or less on saucy & fashionable underwear as part of a Christmas gift to him. His favorite colors are Pantone 138, Apricot, and Pantone 1665, Carrot. He is fond of zany patterns & designs that might traditionally be considered "loud." Halp!
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Clarifying question: are you looking for sexy underwear for you to wear or for him to wear? If for you, are you male or female?
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For him, PACT. I'm sure there's a service out there to make-your-own from a given Pantone color, though!
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Response by poster: clarifying answer: for him to wear! sorry for not making that clear!
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What style do you guys consider sexy?
Boxers/boxer briefs - Urban Outfitters has some fun ones.
Int'l Jock!
And FreshPair has a bunch of different styles and brands,
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I'm loath to recommend American Apparel because they're such a skeezy company, but they do have underwear in a ton of colors.
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Oh, gee, an excuse to go looking at men's underwear sites. How horrible for me, but I guess I will help you out. All links below should be assumed to have some NSFW content.

International Jock has more underwear than you could shake a stick at. And Undergear lets you search by color! Here's an orange jockstrap for $13.99. That's a deal - lots of good men's underwear is in the $25-35 range. But it will last a long, long time, depending on what you do in/with it. (Hint: hand-wash only.)

Pump brand has some loud colors, like these in orange. I would definitely call these boxer briefs loud. Same with these. 2Xist has these trunks in a poppy red zebra print. I don't know what you find sexy though... at the extreme end, here's a NSFW page of "enhancing" thongs.

I can't believe you put me through that, but I hope that helped.
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Both Diesel and Calvin Klein cary loud, sexy undies for dudes.

Here's a striped brief.
A three pack.
Orange dual tone ones.
A variety of basics.
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International Male!
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My partner is very picky about quality and a snazzy dresser and he wears only 2(X)IST trunks.
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AussieBum also makes really fun, sexy underwear. You might also want to visit your local gaybourhood; I can virtually guarantee there is a store--possibly a sex shop--that sells more kinds of fun sexy underwear than you would believe. Also, Priape (NSFW) carries lots of brands. The site is NSFW in the extreme.
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