Examples of Adoption in Film, TV and Theater
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Hey There Everyone, I'm looking for examples in movies, TV, theater, fiction, non-fiction, etc. that show older children being rescued and adopted by people who they are not related to. Thanks so much!
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Well, the most famous one is probably Annie.
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The Blind Side
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Camille/Cam on Bones adopts a teenager who's father died. Cam knew the teen as a child.
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The Book Thief.
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Six Feet Under has a major subplot about this. If you've never seen it and only want to see the adoption stuff, that stuff is all in Season 5, I believe. Though there is a smattering of foster parent/extended family parenting an older child throughout the series.
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Arnold and Willis Jackson in the sitcom Diff'rent Strokes.

The following are not necessary older adoptees, but if you want to take the time you can look through them:
List of Fictional Adoptees from Wikipedia.

List of Adoptees from Wikipedia.
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Punky Brewster.
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The end of The Road.
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Luke Brower from Growing Pains, as played by some guy named Leonardo DiCaprio.
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Anne of Green Gables!
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Grey's Anatomy - Meredith and Derek adopt a girl who is about 3 years old.
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Anime? Fate Testarossa gets adopted by Lindy Harlaown in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's. She's about 10 years old (physically; her actual age is problematic because of... spoilers).
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Anne of Green Gables. Webster.

(The intro to Diff'rent Strokes is pretty effed up. It makes the adoption process look like nothing more than a rich white guy making a quick stop in a bad neighbourhood to call out, "Hey, kids, who wants a ride in my limousine?")
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Real life? Wil Wheaton married Anne Prince, who had two sons from a previous marriage. One of the sons (age 19 at the time) asked Wil to adopt him, and Wil did so.
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Oh, it occurs to me: You said rescued and adopted.

The Walking Dead?
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I only watched the first season or so, but I'm pretty sure that the Cohens officially adopt Ryan on The O.C.
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Most Shirley Temple movies.
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Jan Karon's Mitford books -- a priest saves/adopts a young teenager who was abandoned by his mother.
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Free Willy involves a teenager in foster care. According to Wikipedia, Jesse is adopted by his foster parents in the interval between Free Willy and Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home.
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Harvey Pekar (American Splendor comic book and movie guy) and his wife adopted their daughter when she was 9.
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The titular character in the television series Dexter is the child of a woman who is murdered. A police officer investigating the incident adopts him.

Two of the main characters in the science fiction television series Defiance are a human ex-soldier and his non-human adopted daughter whom he rescued from abuse.
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Here's a broader TVTrope that might have more of what you're looking for, though you'll have to pick and choose a bit: Happily Adopted. There's also Foster Kid, which is short on entries at this point, but does include the Bones TV show character, Lance Sweets, who was abused as a child, then adopted by loving foster parents.
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One of the subplots in Aliens involves Ripley rescuing a little girl, "Newt," from the exomorphs.

Granted, Newt's dead by Alien3, but whatever.
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Oh - and then there's Silas Marner. It got a contemporary film adaptation as A Simple Twist of Fate.
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There's also All Dogs Go to Heaven! (Which is actually kind of a creepy movie as an adult , but I watched it daily as a kid.)
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World War Z has the main family effectively adopting a teenaged (?) child whose family has been zombified. I suspect that at one point in time it was a deeper plot point, because as it ended up they sort of adopt him and he tags along, but nothing much more is made of it.
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The ABC Family show The Fosters is about a family who have fostered/adopted kids--one set of twins who were youngish (backstory before the show begins) and then an older kid and a teenaged girl who are first fostered and then adopted by the Fosters.
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Parenthood has had a several-seasons-long subplot on this.
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And here's where I suggest Angels in the Outfield to someone on the internet.
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Fonzie adopted a son in the last season of Happy Days.

From Wiki Though he never married, he adopted a young orphan boy named Danny Corrigan, Jr., in the final season, completing his transformation from rebel to family man.
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The Kid With a Bike is a very nice French movie about a young boy and a hair dresser. It's on Netflix.
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A Little Princess
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Two real life examples though I don't think formal adoption happened in either case:

Edmund White certainly rescued his nephew, Keith Fleming (NYT review of Fleming's memoir);

Doris Lessing certainly rescued Jenny Diski
(memoir by Diski in LRB).

Both writers rescuing other young writers during a difficult and vulnerable adolescence. And probably saving their lives.
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Oh, there's a lovely quote at the end of that NYT article. "It (the memoir) could serve not just as a pocket manual on the gentle art of unclehood but also as a primer on how to, and how not to, raise a teenage boy."
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TNG (Worf)
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