Stop Word 2011 (Mac) hiding the last row's contents in a table
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I've just installed Office 2011 on a new MacBook Pro via Office 365. When I create a table in Word and write content in each row, Word hides the content of the last row when viewed on screen. Any ideas how to stop this?

As far as I can tell the hidden content always prints fine, but that's not helpful. If I add an extra empty row at the bottom of the table the hidden content appears again. This isn't linked to tables continuing onto the next page, it's even if the table is confined to one page. This does NOT happen if I open the same document in Word 2011 on my iMac, which is an old licensed copy and not via 365. Both copies of Word are as up to date as they can be. This will annoy the hell out of my clients as well as me. I aim to link my iMac's copy of Office to my 365 account and don't want this issue to spread across computers.
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Best answer: It's a known and long standing issue in Word 2011 on newer version of OS X. I googled the hell out of it a while back and never came up with a better answer than add another blank row.
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Try turning all invisibles on and see if that helps you get to the bottom of the problem.
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