Dinner recommendations - W 49th and Broadway NYC
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I find myself in the Theater District in NYC for the evening with two coworkers. Where should we eat?

Ideally within 15 minutes walk or easy subway ride of W 49th and Broadway. Ideally under $40 p.p. dinner and drinks and not impossible to get into.
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Pigalle. 49th and 8th. Or, Playwright's on 46th and 8th. Order the Jaffa Cake martini.
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Fancy some Cuban? Guantanamera on 8th between 55th and 56th is tasty. Might be a bit loud though, depending on if they have live music tonight or not.

Or Mexican, perhaps? Toloache on 50th between 8th and Broadway is tasty, too. They also have grasshopper tacos, if you're the adventurous type.

Or right across the street from Toloache is Thalia, a seafood centered New American restaurant with $1 oysters after 7pm.
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Though Thalia might be beyond the $40 price point per person.
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Here are a few very walkable options. None of them are, like, Fancy Theat-aah Food, if that's what you're looking for.

Anyway, here:

The food isn't ASTOUNDING but I always have a good time at Lillie's Victorian Establishment.

Or you can go sampling around the different vendors at Gotham West Market.

Pio Pio is pretty good and has lots of seating. Its specialty is Latino-style roast chicken. It's a huge restaurant, and the decor is kind of neat.

Also, you're in luck - Hell's Kitchen has an amazing ramen place called Totto. It MIGHT be a little too tough to get into. I don't know because I normally go for lunch.

If you'd like to error toward the quirky/bar atmosphere, Reunion has Hawaiian/surf-inspired bar food. Also good frozen drinks and Nicaraguan beer.

If you don't mind the whole standing-up-and-having-tacos-and-beer thing, you can do Tehuitzingo. I think they may have a dining room now, but am unsure. People wax poetic about them, but I think they're just about a B+. YMMV. Guacamole's killer though.

Eatery, I think, is pretty damn good. They have a crazy-great Asian Chicken Salad. It might be a little slammed, but I doubt they'll have a long wait. It does get a little loud in the dining room, if you care about noise.

There's a Bare Burger near you too. It's obviously a chain, but if you want solid, no fuss burgers, it hits the mark well enough.
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I'm a fan of another Cuban place, Victor's Cafe. It is large so we've never usually had a problem getting in.
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The food is so not fancy at all, but the Cafe at the Hotel Edison (47th between 7th and 8th) is inexpensive, never crowded, and serves great matzo ball soup.
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My go-to for reasonably priced food and easy to get into in that neighborhood is Pong Sri Thai on 48th and 8th (one block west of Broadway). I wouldn't say that they've ever blown me away, but they make a very tasty curry and I've never had any trouble getting in, though it might be worth calling ahead if you're going on a Friday or Saturday night.
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When we were there over the summer, we ate at Joe Allen Restaurant (no apostrophe) at 326 W 46TH St. Great bistro-type food, reasonably priced, with a full bar. IIRC, entrees were ~$13 to ~$28, and sides were likely extra. Good food, fantastic service, and the chocolate pudding cake was worth saving room for. It was maybe an 8 min. walk to our theater from there.
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If you want a light dinner and one drink you can about manage that (maybe closer to 50 a head) at Sushi of Gari, which is a good-to-great sushi joint...
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Pure Thai is excellent.
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A few things:

--Ignore any restaurant on 46th St. except Sushi of Gari (mentioned above).
--Walk a few avenues west to 9th Avenue, where you will find an absolute ton of restaurants that fit your criteria.
--In your price range, several places mentioned above are good (and in this area), like Totto Ramen (with 2 locations now, one on 52nd and one on 51st) and Gotham West, especially.
--Also excellent and in your range are Il Melograno (10th/51st), Caselulla (9th/52nd), and Bocca di Bacco (9th/45th).
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