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So I've got the razor and the brush, and I'm sold. But what about all those other shaving products? Blades? Creams? Soaps? After shave? Anyone have a good recommendation?

Ok, I read about DE razors on ask and after doing a bit more research decided what the hell, I'd just gotten a raise, let's go spend some money on what would probably be a goof. Oh man, was that a good move. I've only used the thing a few times now and I'm totally sold. Goodbye mach 3, goodbye canned shaving cream, probably goodbye faithful seabreeze aftershave, but oh my, there's a whole world out there. What to try next?

On the blade front I've got some Merkur DE blades, but I suspect I'd prefer a slightly cheaper blade I can throw out after a shave or two. You can get wilkonson swords and personnas fairly cheap on the web. Any good? I've also been looking for carbon steel blades, but I don't see anything out there, anyone know if I'm insane for even thinking it?

As for shaving creams/soaps. Oh my there seems to be a lot. And I suspect they last a long time, and I'd feel guilty buying stuff I end up giving up on after a few tries.

And last but not least, aftershave. I've never been a fan of stinky men's aftershaves. Old spice and the like all smell like ass. I don't like colognes, I don't like musk, I just want something that combats razor burn and makes my face feel smooth.

Anyone got some favorites?
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I use Extract of Limes Skin Food by Geo F. Trumper. I buy it here. I put some on before I shave and a little after I shave. It feels great and smells great. Get I less irritation using this than I did using the Art of Shaving pre-shave oil.
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well, once i got a little can of lemon-flavored shave cream from the art of shaving. boy i tell you, it was the best-smelling stuff i've ever used - like shaving with lemon cookies. gf loved it. at $22 + shipping it's expensive though, so now i've found a reasonable substitute: lemon verbena shave from avalon organics which comes in a big bottle for $6 at whole foods. most of the art of shaving stuff is really nice though.

as for aftershave, i never use it. i find that a nice big splash of ice cold water really helps with razor burn and aftershave's not needed.
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oh, seconding what mullacc says about geo f. trumper. i used to use their sandalwood shave cream and it was excellent!
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I use a relatively inexpensive shaving soap from the men's line at Body Shop. $12 Canadian for a tub that lasts at least 6 months. I don't mind the smell (my girlfriend loves it) and it has needed ingredients like glycerine and sesame oil to prevent nicks/cuts or drying. Its meant to be used with a brush and works fine with a $5 synthetic cheapo.
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I use Proraso in the green tube from italy. It's eucalyptus based and smells great. I use Baxter of CA After-shave balm, which is expensive, but i've used about 1/3 of the bottle in 4 months. I sometimes use Sharps Face Tonic to clean my face of nicks and blood, etc. It doesn't contain alcohol.
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oh, and, the baxters leaves no strong smell -- slight slight citrus if anything. Mostly it just feels good, which is what I think you want. I think it was $18 or $20. Proraso is $8-$12 depending where you get it.
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I'll third Trumper: I've used the rose and the sandalwood cream-in-a-tub, and the rose and limes 'skin food,' and they are now my brand of choice. You can buy it online from Londons and they'll send you samples of the other scents if you ask for them. All of the flavors are great, and the stuff lasts forever.

As for blades, I use the Merkur double-edged--I too am curious about whether or not there is a better blade.
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This Aveda after-shave balm is absolutely the best skin care product I have ever purchased, hands down. I couldn't go without it in the winter.
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I like Taylor of Old Bond Street that I get from Classic Shaving. I've tried the Lime and the Lavender. I've also tried the Proraso "red" cream (the tube is red.) It's good too, but it has eucalyptus and camphor so it's quite a bit more...tingly than Taylors.

I use Nivea sensitive skin aftershave. That works well (no alcohol or strong smell.) I also use Neutrogena Razor Defense soap beforehand. That seems to work very well.
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I use Kiehl's "white eagle". That Aveda stuff tr33hggr linked to is nice (I hate their shaving cream though), but I rarely use an after product.
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So as for soap, I'm a big believer in Colonel Ichabod Conk. Comes in regular, almond, and lime, but I prefer the regular 'amber' variety. Seems to me that it'd be hard to beat something that's still going strong after over 150 years.

Also, the name is great.
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While I was using a single edge razor (Flea market model), I used a strange jelly like substance. It was called "De-ionized water" or some much thing. It was the best aftershave I ever used, but I bought it from a store that closed, and I don't have the original bottle. It was basically just a scentless, colorless semi-jelly that you could put on your face after shaving. Anyone?

I found Alba botanical shaving creams to be well suited for sensitive skin. Though they used to make a 100% unscented version which I prefered.
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I use pretty much the whole range of Anthony Logistics products (face wash, pre-shave oil, shave cream, after-shave lotion, regular face lotion, body lotion, etc.) and have always been happy with them (and I have really dry skin so I'm picky). They aren't cheap - most stuff is about $20 a bottle/tube - but for most things you only need a little bit so they last a while. Their shaving stuff smells like mint, and only faintly - it's nice, but not overwhelming. I use a brush and a gillete sensor excel razor and can get that "baby's butt" feel if I take my time and do a second pass against the grain. You can find their products at Nordstroms, most Bath & Body type shops, and on the internet.

I tried Art of Shaving once for a few weeks, and while their Sandalwood stuff smells damn good, it irritated my skin a bit and I couldn't get as smooth of a shave. YMMV though, as everyone else seems to love them.

Oh, and whatever brand you use, definitely try a pre-shave oil! Though it's not emphasized as much as using a brush or a specific soap/cream, I think it makes a bigger difference than just about anything else. It let's the blade just glide over your skin - no scraping, even with a not-so-sharp blade.
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Neutrogena Razor Defense is the best shaving cream/gel I've found.

I have avery tough whiskers which are also prone to ingrowth.

Walmart seems to have it about a $1 cheaper per can if you don't have ethical problems buying there.
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In May I started shaving with "Williams Mug Shaving Soap" which I got for $1.39 on Amazon. They aren't selling it now, but I'm still using the same bar, and it's been great.

I'm also interested in other suggestions for after shave.
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Hope I'm not derailing the thread but - do people here have a preference of shaving cream over shaving soap? When I start using a brush I purchased it along with some Trumper's sandalwood shaving soap and have never tried anything else, but it seems like the creams are more popular. Any reason for creams over soaps?
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Check out my response here. (emsplace witchazel aftershave has no scent.)

Another good aftershave creme is Nivea - very light almost "citrus" scent. And don't forget; after shaving, rinse with COLD water.

Also, when I run out of shave soap, or am in a rush, I use Kiss My Face creme (stupid name, good product, a little goes a long way).
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Somersets Oil is the bomb. No need for after-shave balm, as it's all in there.
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Scruffy fo life, sons!
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Here's a long post that discusses a whole variety of products for wet shaving.
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