Tough Dog Toys for Chewy Pomeranian
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Energetic pomeranian seeks indestructible toys.

My pooch (who has stopped getting scared about getting out of tight places, thanks MeFi!) is an active 4-year-old Pom who needs to keep busy, but tends to rip things apart as fast as I can buy them.

The Hartz Duraplay products are the only ones I've found so far that can survive more than a day or two. I've got the bone and the ball, other items in the line seem to be too big.

Any suggestions from the wider community?
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Before I got to your second paragraph, I was going to recommend the Duraplay bone, but you know about them! Seriously, those things are amazing.

My tough puppy and her even tougher Westie friend also love Hol-EE Roller balls.
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I've had really good luck with the GoDog brand of dog toys. If you are looking for soft toys. My Rat Terrier which will shred and destuff every other stuffed toy in the house has not yet managed to make a hole any of the four of these we have.

You can also get Kong toys in smaller sizes, my friends 4lb Chihuahua has a surprisingly large collection of them, including tennis balls. I cant vouch for their toughness at this size aside from the usually good Kong quality, my dogs haven't been able to destroy their slightly larger ones though.
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I also have a small dog with ferocious teeth! I like the Mega-brand toys. They are made of cloth so they can really get into the chewing but they're super sturdy. The Mega Jr Ring has been one of his favorites. I think he also had the Tuffy Jr Bone. They also have some fun animal shapes.

He also has a Hurley that he enjoys playing with.

Surprisingly the super cheap rope toys from Target last a long time. I usually toss them because they are gross rather than destroyed.

You also might want to look through the selection at Dog Tuff.
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I've recommended the Everlasting Treat Ball here before, it's designed so pup can't get his jaws completely around it and has to kind of scrape away at the (refillable) hard treat thing in the middle. My friend's dog LOVES it. The liver flavored one is pretty smelly, if that sort of thing bothers you.
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Kong makes some excellent stuffing-free toys with replaceable squeakers.
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Cuz dog toys. They outlast my large pup. I've heard antlers as well, but there may be size issues with that.
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Have you tried rope toys? They come in a variety of sizes and can hold up to a lot of chewing.
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Seconding a Kong. Neither of our two fierce chewers was able to even ding a Kong.

(Also freeze with a few treats/PB/squash inside for a happy dog when you're away.) They bounce funny, too, which amuses all of us greatly. And you can clean them in the dishwasher when they get funky.
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Both my dogs are ferocious chewers. Even Kongs get eaten. The only toys we let the dogs have 24/7 access to are antlers. The most enticing ones are elk or deer antlers that have been split along the long axis to provide access to the marrow-y interior. Unsplit antlers are less popular with my dogs but still worth keeping around. You can buy split and unsplit antlers online or from pet stores cut to various sizes. The cheapest antlers are the broken or mutant racks that our deer-hunting friends give us every winter. Moose antlers are stupid expensive where I live but I hear that dogs like them too.

Antlers won't splinter or break off chunks big enough to be problematic and they keep the dogs entertained for hours. When the antler pieces get chewed down to a size my dogs could actually ingest, I either give them to friends with smaller dogs or throw them out.

NB: if your dog is allowed on the furniture, they will inevitably drop the antler on the floor. A large piece of antler will dent hardwood. DAMHIK.
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OK I got home and checked out my little chewer's toy box. He's not been able to destroy JW Pets Megalast Ball - also it's super bouncy so it makes for fun on hard surfaces. The only negative is it does tend to roll under the couch, bed, etc. and get lost.

My dog goes totally bonkers for JW Pets squeaky toys. The squeaker is really quite impressive and it's a pretty sturdy toy. He has one at my mom's house that he really enjoys and hasn't destroyed, although he hasn't had unlimited access to it. I'm pretty sure it was the Bad Cuz.
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Oh and FWIW a lot of dogs like Kongs but mine was totally not into it.
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I used to buy cotton ropes by the feet/yard for my furbaby. Yes, she'd destroy them, but she had a great time while she was it with the added bonus of keeping her teeth clean.
Silicone nylabones sand durachew nylabones were very appreciated too.
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