How to amplify the output of my Arduino Music Shield
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I bought this sound shield off ebay. After finding the right library. I can make it play mp3s, but I can't make it very loud. I plugged in my computer speakers and turned up all the way it's just not loud enough, not nearly as loud if i had plugged it into my phone or computer. I also tried plugging it into my old stereo amp and i could get it pretty loud, but for my application I really need desktop speakers. Is there is easy way to boost the signal, is that even what I want to do? This is where my understanding of electronics wear thin.
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Are you using powered speakers? That little doodad is not going to push enough current out to make anything sound good without an amplifier. You're looking for "active" or "powered" speakers--I'm jonesing for the AV-40s myself.
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Response by poster: They're powered in the sense that they plug into the wall, yes. The same speakers are loud enough from a computer, but like half the volume off the shield.
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Best answer: It looks like there is a volume adjustment on it - have you turned that up? If the output signal is too low you won't be able to raise it enough with your speakers to get a good level
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Response by poster: InfidelZombie, omg, you're right. let me check that out!
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Response by poster: Yup, that was it, it's loud as anything else now.
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