Removing wok protective coating
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I just got a new carbon steel wok. I'm beginning to season it, but how do I know when I've scrubbed the protective coating off?

I'm using steel wool (grade 0 Fine, apparently) and I'm scrubbing with hot water and dish soap but nothing seems to be changing; the surface looks and feels identical. Do I need coarser steel wool or watch for some other sign?
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The protective coating is typically wax; the heat of the water alone will get rid of it. With that and scrubbing, I would say you're good to go.
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Don't worry if it discolours during use. My housemate's got some orange areas on it after he had used it a few times, so he decided against using it anymore - the internet says spotting is actually pretty common. I am still using that wok 13 years later.
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Typically it's wax or machine oil that can be taken off with a quick wash with soap. It's only protective against corrosion between the factory and the consumer, so it doesn't have to be tough. You've likely already scrubbed it off.
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If you really want to be sure, you can try a water break test. But considering the curvature of the piece, I'd set the standard at big blotches, not a perfect film.
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