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What 'clicker' game takes the shortest amount of time to complete?

Clickers are games like CookieClicker, Kittens Game, and so on - but you knew that.

The definition of complete is open to interpretation. Let's say it means seeing just about all the different things that can happen in the game, including achievements if the art is pretty enough.

By shortest amount of time, I mean how much time that passes between starting and finishing the game, not how little time you can spend on it between long sessions of running it in the background or while it's closed.
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Shoutout to Incremental Games Subreddit - they may have a few funny/fun examples for you!
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I am currently addicted to Tsum Tsum.
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do you know, or are you willing to learn, JavaScript? Nearly all of the browser-based clicker games I've played are JavaScript-based; with a little digging, you can crack it open and edit some variables to give yourself infinite money or candies or whatever.
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There was an FPP a few months back that was a single click browser based adventure game but I can't figure out the correct combo of words to search for it.
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I might be mistaken, but I think I beat A Dark Room in one afternoon (maybe an afternoon plus evening). And, unlike many idle/incremental games, it has a defined ending.
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Response by poster: I do know Javascript (used it to see more of the Kittens Game) but I don't want to cheat. I want to play a clicker that's very short by design.
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AHA found it, it is One Tap Quest, w/related FPP here.
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I found CivClicker to be disappointingly short after becoming accustomed to clickers that go on for weeks or indefinitely so that might be short enough for you.
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It's not a clicker game, but I highly recommend You Have to Burn the Rope. It's worth all 20 seconds! Actually it's worth longer to hear the closing credits song, too.
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You can beat "Click, Click, WROOM," which is about becoming a car manufacturer, in a couple of hours.
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Heiankyo Parameters can be finished in less than an hour. It's a brilliant little game.
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Response by poster: So, far the clicker rankings from shortest to longest are:
1. Heiankyo Parameters
2. Click, Click, WROOM
3. A Dark Room
4. CivClicker
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