looking for a specific gift: mile high city mug
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I am looking for help locating a large souvenir coffee mug coveted by a close friend.

A friend mentioned that she once saw a large souvenir coffee mug in Denver, CO, that she wished she had purchased. I am hoping to find some way to get it for her and surprise her, but I have been unsuccessful online. The two times I happened to have a connecting flight in Denver, I scoured the airport terminals with no luck.

Here are the details that I remember:
Black with red interior or red with black interior
Referenced the Mile High City
Jumbo sized, like the kind of mugs that could double as a soup/cereal bowl
*Might* have measurement markings on the inside of cup or surface (this is a bad clue and there's a chance that I am misremembering this)

I know it may be a long shot, but I am hoping someone who lives in CO or visited Denver in recent years has seen this very particular mug in the souvenir shops or elsewhere. Thank you for your help!
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I haven't seen any, but I haven't been looking before now...

So, I can't promise anything but I do live in the center of downtown Denver and I know there are a ton of souvenir shops along the pedestrian mall downstairs. I'll try to visit a few when I have time, and get back to you. :D
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I'm by the Colorado souvenirs stores a couple of times a week and I will also take a look for you.
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Response by poster: thank you both!! *fingers crossed*
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Ok, so, preliminary searching led me to this.

I know it's not exactly it, but let me know if I'm on the right track? :)
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Response by poster: hi, zarya! i would say your on the right track for sure. thank you for continuing to search. the red and black are probably the most important detail, since those are her favorite colors. i think at this point, if the mug in your picture had the black interior, i would totally give it to her.
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