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Is there a cloud PDF hosting service that allows group commenting/highlighting? Think google docs, but for PDF commenting. Price should be free or $1/$2 per month per user.
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Response by poster: Also, it should be browser based
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I haven't used it, but I think is what this is made for.
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Have a look at bluebeam. It doesn't have "cloud" functionality built in to it AFAIK, but a document could be stored on in the cloud.
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A.nnotate might do what you need. I use it regularly with a client where multiple people need to comment on documents. It's not the most stylish or intuitive interface around, but it works okay once you get used to it. Allows Word as well as PDF, plus a few other standard office formats.

Depending on how many documents you'll be uploading per month and number of people who need to be able to upload (you can always have unlimited commenters I think), it can work out as free or very cheap. We just have one person upload all the original documents.

In the hunt for something better, I've recently come across Folia from Branchfire, but it currently seems to be solely application-based rather than web-based, is very much in beta and there isn't much indication of what it'll cost when it's ready. Might be worth keeping an eye on though to see how it evolves.
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Zocalo does this:
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I'm on my phone so I can't be sure but I used something called crocodoc. You upload a PDF, can share a link to it, and people can make comments, type on it, etc.
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Response by poster: Zocalo and crocodoc looked the most promising. However, when I tried crocodoc, text notes moved around the page - they weren't anchored when zooming in and out. Zocalo doesn't allow you to anchor comments on a page at all. So a no go on those.
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Seconding a.nnotate.
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