How can I make my erections firmer?
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Yes, the biological type. All details inside.

I am a healthy, fit but slightly overweight 39 year old man.
Recently, I seem to have a problem achieving and maintaining an erection during sex. Even during a "solo mission" this is a problem, which has never before been the case.
keeping the question short : is there anything I can do to make my erections firmer, like when I was younger? As I can still get an erection I don't think the doc will prescribe me Viagra, and that's the only way to get it in the UK.
The problem is compounded by a lack of sensation and general lack of desire to have sex. Any advice?
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Cockrings were made for this purpose.
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If you are having a lack of desire, sensation, and weak erections, go see a doctor. Viagra is not the only possible treatment, and a doctor is in the best position to assess how your general health may be causing this and suggest treatments.
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Get to the doctor and get your heart and blood pressure checked out.
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Have a doc check your testosterone levels. If they're low, some shots might get you back to good.
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Yes, go to the doctor, get evaluated for testosterone levels and any other basic physical issue that might be causing this.

general lack of desire

While you are there, get screened for depression or other issues that may be the underlying cause of this aspect, and get the appropriate treatment.

a lack of sensation

Sometimes guys do this to themselves (e.g. "death grip"), but if that isn't the case and you mean that your genitals are going numb then please see a doctor right away.
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Definitely go to your doctor, but it won't hurt you to eat more vegetables, and less/no red meat. I've dated vegans and vegetarians and that's all I've got to say about that. ;)
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As I can still get an erection I don't think the doc will prescribe me Viagra, and that's the only way to get it in the UK

Well, this is really not true. But you should really follow the other avenues suggested before starting to take Viagra.
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See your doctors.
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While you're waiting for the appointment with your GP, you could try a butt plug. A little prostate stimulation might do the trick.
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I think that diabetes can also be a cause of softer erections. I would suggest a check up and conversation with your doctor, like others have suggested above.
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As I can still get an erection I don't think the doc will prescribe me Viagra, and that's the only way to get it in the UK.

Well, why would the doctor NOT prescribe you Viagra if you have a medical need for it? If you feel like avoiding the doctor, it is cheap very available on the internet. This being said, you SHOULD definitely get a health check up. This likely has a cause and could be a hint to a serious disease, including, but not limited to diabetes and a heart condition.

PS: lack of desire, maybe get you hormones level checked? Do you work out regularly?
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I think you've misunderstood NHS restrictions on viagra prescription. It's true that your GP probably can't prescribe viagra on the NHS (ie free) unless you have one of a pretty short list of qualifying medical conditions.

However they can and frequently do provide private prescriptions for people with common-or-garden ED. You'll be charged in the region of £20 for 8 tablets (depends on the pharmacy). Go and have a chat to your GP - the fact that this is affecting masturbation as well suggests an underlying physical problem rather than just performance anxiety, and you need to be checked for diabetes and hypertension as a minimum. This is routine stuff for your GP, don't be embarassed.
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If you don't want to go to your doctor, there are now a lot of decent online doctor services in the UK, and you can receive your prescription by mail.
Granted, they are usually more transactional than visiting your GP: eg, they are more focused on seeing if you are eligible for a prescription and getting it to you, rather than being holistic about your condition.
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Keep well hydrated when the time er...comes.
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Do you masturbate/use porn? How are your erections then? Do you get morning wood?

If the answers to above are yes/fine/not really (in that order), a month or so abstaining from porn/masturbating might be worth a try.

Take a look at:

From the link above:

"One other major finding (not reported in the media), was that over 50% of subjects (average age: 25) had difficulty achieving erections or arousal with real partners, yet could achieve erections with porn."
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