Where can I get lenticular images?
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Where can I buy a collection of lenticular images?

I want to buy a book or set of lenticular images which a child can look through and play with. Do such sets or books exist?

There doesn't need to be any accompanying text or specific theme, so long as child suitable. They can be any size from postcard upward. Similar 3D or 3D-like pictures are fine, but I don't think a viewer would work. They must be available in the UK.

This is a gift for a three year old who saw lenticular images for the first time the other day and seemed entranced. Oh, but he doesn't like dinosaurs that much as he finds them too scary.
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ABC3D. Gallop! (and the other books in that series, under "Customers who bought this also bought").

For lenticular postcards (good for wall decor and gifts), there's MeFi's own Gifpop.
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Gifpop, that's what I was trying to find! They need better SEO.
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Don't know if these are readily available in the UK, but DC Comics put out issues of all their books with lenticular covers this past month. Obviously a 3-year-old isn't going to be reading the books, but maybe the covers are colorful and engaging enough on their own?
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