How long does it take to register a domain name with
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Does anyone has experience with registering a domain name at and the time involved?

I was used to use godaddy but godaddy has become a terrible company (google it). Since many years I am very very happy with They offer a super easy interface, very good prices and free privacy. One thing they don't offer is free email and I did not want to use gmail this time due to privacy reasons. I heard only good things about and, while a bit more expensive, they offer a decent email service with each domain registration. I moved one domain to which has been in transit since five days. I already realized that I am not the biggest fan of gandis interface. Today I "registered" and paid another domain with gandi. Since 2.5 hours this order is "waiting". The domain still seems to be available for registration if I check with another provider. I don't see a phone numeber and I just wrote them an email. Doubt that they will reply on a weekend.

I mean, how long does this normally take with I have never seen something like this. I was able to register and use domains within minutes with other domain registrars. I was actually planning to write emails from this domain name tonight.

Do they submit the registrations by hand to NIC? How long does it take?

I read so many good things about, I prefer to give a warning here. And kudos for Wish they would offer email/webmail.
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Have used gandi happily for many years (6 domains) and never had these problems.
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What is the domain extension you've just registered?
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Response by poster: *.com

This company seems not to have chat nor phone support.
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I have a few domains registered with Gandi. I initially started using them in 2011 when I transferred a domain name from GoDaddy. That took five days to process; I contacted Gandi's customer support after two days, and they explained that GoDaddy hadn't approved the transfer. They also explained that if GoDaddy didn't approve the transfer after six days, it would automatically be approved.

I registered two more domain names in 2013 (one of them a .com) and if I remember correctly, they were active within a few hours.

You can contact their customer support here. When I contacted them in 2011, I got a reply after five hours, so I didn't have to wait too long. The reply came from, though of course I don't know if that email address is monitored by anyone.
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Response by poster: It has been 5 hours and the domain is shown as available at other registrars. This is supposed to be an automated process. And Gandi is not a Pop and Mom store.

Sorry, but at this stage I consider it irresponsible to register a domain with gandi.
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If you have a question like "Does anyone has experience with registering a domain name at and the time involved?" that's a thing that can be asked and answered, but Ask is not gandi customer service, this isn't really a place for you to "give a warning" or shill for a specific registrar.
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Response by poster: DarlingBri, I guess you a right.

It is just China that is recently wearing me down with the "fucking with the internet". Nothing seems to work here recently anymore regarding the internet. I guess because of things "not happening" in HK. So this unrelated Domain thing may have just put me over the edge.
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Response by poster: FYI I registered it at another registrar within a minute.
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I have a dozen domains registered with Gandi, have been using them for at least a decade, and they have always been absolutely fantastic, and are the polar opposite from bottom-feeder companies like GoDaddy.

Sounds like something simply went wrong with your order.

One problem I've had with Gandi transsactions is that, since they are based in France, my credit card company will sometime reject the transaction because they think it's fraud (since I'm not in France). Maybe something similar happened with yours.
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