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Looking for 11x17 color printer that would do precise front and back printing

I am trying to create nice portfolio. I figured it may be cheaper to do it at home. I want to use nice thick paper to print 11x17 hoply boderless color print in front and back. I am guessing inkjet printer. I had old epson 11x17 inkjet printer but front and back (duplex print) was hassel (i had to manually do it) and was not at all precise.
Beside it was bending thick papers way too much. Seems like Canon makes nice print but any one has any experiences in such projects with any type of printer?
One more thing... now a days color laser isn't that expensive... if i didn't need 11x17, can color laser print nice enough color portfolio? what would you recommend..? (both inkjet and laser)
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I haven't had much luck doing this kind of thing at home. We have Epson 8500s (not very good color clarity) and a Xerox 3535 with a decent RIP (excellent color, but expensive and big). Even on the best machines in the office we have trouble getting precise registration between two sides.

You might want to consider going to a service bureau for this kind of thing. The color lasers that are good enough for this sort of thing cost thousands of dollars, from what I've seen; I think high-quality inkjet - if you have to do it yourself - will be much more affordable, and the results quite similar, as long as you use good paper.
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Inkjet is tough, since the good paper is not coated on both sides.

Probably your best bet is to glue two pieces of paper together with rubber cement.

That way you can get whatever medium-big printer you want, such as this one.
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I work for a printer/service bureau, and I can tell you that the high-end Canon color copier we have doesn't hold a candle to a decent inkjet print. Registration isn't very good, hitting within an eighth of an inch with no rotation difference front and back is a freak occurance. Nice thick papers (like the Epson heavyweight matte) at best won't feed, more likely is to necesitate an emergency service call. Compared to the cost of buying a new Epson 1280, a box of 13 x 19 heavyweight matte paper and a couple ink cartridges, I can't think of any other good quality solutions that are significantly cheaper for a few copies of a dozen double-sided sheets.
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On my home epson inkjets, back and front printing is manual, but the front/back alignment precision is normally within a millimeter without trying hard, and a fraction of a millimetre if I take some care. Image quality is excellant (6-ink photo printers), print time is abysmal, ink cost is high (as with most inkjets), printer cost is low (as with most inkjets). :-)
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harlequin, what model is your epson?
more suggestions needed.. thanks
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