Need information about selling unwanted skin care products
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While on a trip out of state my friend got caught up in the hard sales tactics of an Adore Skin Care salesperson and purchased several hundred dollars worth of their skin care products. He does not want or need them and would like some advice on reselling the items.

He did go back before he left town and got some credit, but they are notorious for their "No Return" policy and was unsuccessful in getting them to take it all back and return his money. His credit card company says that since it isn't actually fraud that they can't help. At this point it seems that selling the unopened/unused/unwanted products would be the best solution for him.

Neither one of us has any experience selling anything on the internet. Would eBay be the best route to go? Are their actual legitimate resellers out there? Is there anyplace else that might be a better place to attempt to recoup some of the money spent? Any advice at all on how to best market/lucratively get rid of these items would be appreciated. Advice on how to avoid scams in general, etc. is not needed right now. Thanks!
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It's going to be a lot of hassle to sell it. Would he consider donating it for the tax write-off? It looks like a product that would be a real treat for the ladies at a homeless shelter or a battered women's shelter. And, he would have the added satisfaction of knowing that the product that he donated would probably not generate any more sales for the company.
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Look on Ebay to see what kind of prices those products are fetching, and figure out what shipping would cost by Priority Mail or other carrier. Setting up a listing isn't hard -- make sure to include your own photo. Scroll through the forms on line to see if it looks like too much of a pain to complete. Select the "returns not accepted" option. In each listing, mention that you're selling other products from that same brand.

It would be even better if you could use the Ebay account of a friend who has some positive feedback reviews.
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Response by poster: If he were in a position to make this a charitable contribution, he would do so. He would like some help in recovering some of the money he has spent.
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Looking through the completed auctions on ebay shows that many of the Adore listed items did actually sell, and not for nothing, either. I don't know how much your friend paid but if I had the product I'd definitely take the time to post them.
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Gotta go with ebay as well if you have no better sources for selling your specific product. You might not make all the money back but some or most is better than being out and having a stock of crap you have no use for. If it's too much of a hassle or there is little incentive to sell the items individually, you can sell the bulk lot as one big auction. Some reseller might actually come along and buy it to then resell individually at a profit themselves. Certain niches are excellent areas for resellers on ebay so there is at least a chance you can either sell the items or sell the whole lot in one go.

You might also want to try your local Craigslist, probably more for the bulk lot than individually.
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My goodness that line is super expensive! According to their website they do accept returns, why are they giving your friend such a hard time? Maybe he can contact the atty. general in the state he made the purchases in? Sorry he got ripped off.
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