Where was "The Parallax View" filmed?
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In particular, I'm looking for the buildings seen in these three links: Escalator Facade Auditorium
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IMDB location data:

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According to this site, the climax was filmed at the Los Angeles Convention Center, which seems plausible concerning this shot of the interior of the LACC or this shot of the south hall -- the grid and the metal halide warehouse lights match up with the shot of the auditorium.
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Response by poster: Thanks, Suede. That's a great site.

Iron, of course I tried to look on iMDB. No dice.

We've got the auditorium nailed. How about that escalator and Parallax headquarters?
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The Facade link I'm pretty sure is a (county?) courthouse on 6th street a little west of Koreatown.
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Yep, Central Civil West Courthouse
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