What is this thing?
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So. What IS it?? I don't know the owner, but I'm just as curious as she is.
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Surely a toy, right? Reminds me of the Hoberman Switch Pitch.
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How about a pot-stand? When it's open, you could set a hot pot on it. When it's closed, it can be hung up, or set on a small shelf.
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If not a pot-stand, then an exercise ball?
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What about a model illustrating how you determine the volume of a sphere? Kind of like the discussion on this page?
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Something to keep a hat in shape ?
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It's pretty heavy-duty, so it must be a tool of some kind. Some type of object where you place it in a depression as a sphere, then untie it so the fronds spread out to evenly apply pressure for some purpose.
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Something for wig making?
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The nails on the bottom with the string wrapped around them remind me of a child's loom. I could see this being some kind of weaving tool that can be expanded or contracted for different sized baskets or pots. I'd also love to know what it really is!
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Best answer: It's a part of a set of Ross Mensuration Blocks -- Dissected Geometrical Solids. Here's the relevant part, and the rest of the set.
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Response by poster: We have a winner! Thanks nonane! I will let her know.
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Now the question is, how did nonane do that?
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jon1270: "Now the question is, how did nonane do that?"

It's ask me. This place is overflowing with miracle answers! And really quickly, too! Hugs to all.
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It never ceases to amaze me what the hivemind is capable of. All hail. Bzz bzzz!
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Response by poster: I told the owner and she is excited! Check her site tomorrow for the updated listing. I wonder if she will change the price based on the new information?
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The Matrix is almost complete. Redirecting Internet Outrage Energy Source in 3... 2... 1...
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Now the question is, how did nonane do that?

Nonane (my wife) did that by being Curatorial Associate, Science & Technology, MIT Museum. It's literally her job to know this stuff.
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