I slit the sheet, the sheet I slit, and on the slitted sheet I sit.
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Help me sexy-fi the bed.

We're looking for new bedding to make a more sexy, luxurious sleeping experience. What do we want? What thread count, material (silk? egyptian cotton?), pieces? Where should we get this stuff? It should not only feel great, but look the part as well. We're doing the all white and comfy thing now, but want to improve the atmosphere.
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There is a fiber made from beech that is really awesome. The Bed Bath and Bedazzled (erm, Beyond) in my town sells the sets. Be warned that they are a bit stretchy.
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A down underliner pad between the sheets and mattress might be nice.
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It's called modal, bilabial. I have a shirt made of it, and it's like a cross between silk and linen.
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I second the Beech sheets from BB&B. The slinky/ slideyness of silk but the touch of light flannel. Only downside, it tends to pill at the heavy traffic foot end of the bed.

I'm a sleep fanatic and recently upgraded my mattress to a pillow-top. Ooooooh, nice! Squishy top but still firm support underneath. On sheets, get the most expensive you can stomach, always go for cotton and always feel them in the store. I've recently read that thread count is not the most reliable indicator of sheet quality.

I also think a mixture of pillows - some down, some fiber is nice.
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You have not lived until you've slept the night on 1200 thread count sheets. Which are normally really expensive, unless you go to Overstock and peruse the selections.

Good, 1200 or higher Egyptian Cotton is heavenly.....
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From a design perspective, I'm a big fan of mixing and matching sheet colors. Our bed usually sports a deep red fitted sheet, with a cream colored top sheet and both red + cream pillowcases. If you venture beyond white, purchase coordinating colors (or patterns!) and play around with different combinations. Your bed will look amazing without a monochromatic palette, I swear.
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Tuesday Morning also has great deals on very high threadcount sheets, although they tend to be white or something close to it.
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This is probably a bit pricier than you were looking, but a four-poster bed is ridic romantic. So I've been told.
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I always thought that pullcord-exposing-the-star-filled-night-sky of Swiss Family Robinson was pretty hott.

Tough to implement, and not that helpful, so I'll go putter in other threads now.
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Definitely second the idea of feeling the sheets in the store before you buy. Also, above a certain point, the thread count stuff isn't a useful tool to discriminate. Could you really tell the difference between 1100 tc and 1200 tc? Also keep in mind that the weaving of sheets has a lot to do with how they will feel as well.

Net: If you are going to spend a nice chunk of change on sheets (and they do feel nice), then feel first in the store. You can still use Overstock to experiment with some sheets (You can find King sets for ~$50 so its not a bad gamble.
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After you have a comfortable bed with nice bedding, focus on nice lighting. Lighting can make a bed look more luxurious than even the highest thread count egyptian cotton. You want a nice diffuse light trying to emulate the sort of light that sneaks in through the curtains at dawn and dusk. If the lighting is too bright and fluorescent, it will only make the nice bedding look like it is on display at a department store.
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SportSheets. (18 and over)
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