Is there a program that will back up my sms chat logs from the Treo 600?
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Does anyone know of a good program (or any program for that matter) for the Treo 600 that will back up my SMS chat logs to my workstation? The only method I have come up with to do this is to cut/paste the sms logs into a txt file onto my Treo and then copy that to my work station. This method is putsy, and I would llke to find a method that does this automatically every time I synch with my work station.
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What operating system? On Mac OS X i'd try BluePhoneElite.
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Response by poster: Windows XP unfortunately, but thank you for the suggestion.
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it appears that the message database (at least in my treo650) is stored in the file "Messages Database.prc". this is a binary file, but if you can find the equivalent of the "strings" program for unix (which basically prints out everything that looks like it might be a string in a binary file), you should be able to grab that file from your backup (or send it to yourself using FileZ or similar) and find all your messages. they wont be terribly organized, but they are all in there.

one way to get "strings" might be to install Cygwin... but i'm not 100% sure its included.
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My Treo 650 hotsync produces a number of files called SMS_.pdb in the Backup folder in your palm profile directory. I'm almost positive my old Treo 600 did this as well, so you should check there.

Do you want to read them on your desktop, or just back them up so you can restore them to your phone later?

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Ooops, sorry. That was SMS_[phone #][long random string].pdb.
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I don't know if you'll consider this MORE putzy, but:

If you can get the pilot-sync tools running on your machine, Pilot-file will do what you ask - Though you'd probably want to use some sort of automated post--processing.

pilot-file -d /Users/matt/Desktop/Palm/10-29/SMS\ Messages.pdb | cut -c 57- >file.txt

produces a text file from the files of my Treo 270, but it could definately use some polish.
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