Rural /nice b&b area just outside north London?
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I'm looking for a nice, relaxing place for a family of 4 to spend one night just outside North London. Complexities inside.

My parents, brother and I live in different continents, and are all traveling to a family wedding in late October. Wedding is on Saturday and we're spending Saturday night at wedding venue. The way flights have worked out, we will all be together Sunday night also (we fly out Monday). This is the first time in a long time that we've spent an evening as just the four of us, and I'd like to book us into a nice B&B, relaxing venue, nice dinner etc.

Wedding is in Warwickshire, and the original plan was to stay in the area (Stratford upon Avon, Leamington Spa or similar), drive into London on Monday, see my gran, and head to the airport. However - we need to bring at least one aunt and a cousin into London after the wedding on Sunday morning, so now looking for somewhere near London. Would prefer not central London as a) parking nightmare, b) done that often and c) my mum won't be able to resist inviting myriad aunts and uncles to have dinner with us, and much as I love them, I want "mum and dad time".

So, hive mind - any idea what areas I should be looking into?
TL/DR - need somewhere nice for a one night stay that will allow us to drive from Warwickshire on Sunday morning into north-west London (Kingsbury), do a drop-off, head to b&b, have a nice, relaxing Sunday afternoon/evening, come back into northwest London (Stanmore) for a quick visit Monday morning, and then off to the airport.
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Sawdays is a decent resource for rural B&Bs in the UK. You can search on the map, which may make it easier to identify suitable places.
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The home counties are picturesque and just north of the M25. The Prime Minister's holiday home is just outside Tring/Berkhamstead and I recommend the area for a visit and for dinner.

Afraid I haven't got any B&B recommendations as I'm fairly local but there's lots for the kids in the area including the excellent Whipsnade Zoo and Tring Museum, of it you're looking for something cheap/free, a walk in Ashridge , around College Lake, or up the spectacular Ivinghoe Beacon are only a few miles away.
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Please ignore my suggestion if it is not relevant, but there are direct trains from say Stratford-upon-Avon to Marylebone that take less time than driving and cost very little. If you can put your aunt/cousin on one of those trains then you have a wider choice of more isolated and beautiful places as you will be near the Cotswolds.
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Best answer: Try the Chilterns as a search term. Stay somewhere like Beaconsfield, High Wycombe, Marlow or Henley. You get the pretty Chiltern hills, and there is also the Thames Path and about a million amazing pubs/restaurants in the area for sunday lunch.
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Why not rent a cottage which will potentially be cheaper and certainly be much more pleasant than a B&B?
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