Where do I meet Older Lesbians in NYC who are into Younger Women?
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Hi there! Where can I meet Older Lesbians in NYC who are into Younger Women? I've been scouring the internet, MeetUp, etc, but there has to be an event for this, right? NYC is supposed to have everything ;) Cheers, G
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Not to be completely obvious, but you have actually gone to lesbian events, dyke bars or queer bars and flirted, yes? Because... yeah. That works. Very well.
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In Toronto, it would be through volunteering at queer-focused events.
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Yep, not just bars, but all sorts of community spaces and events.

Volunteering, sports (either playing or attending), trivia, fundraisers, etc. all places to meet Real Live Hot Queer Women! Including the older variety. If you're into animals, start attending various pet rescue events or meetups. I swear my dog rescue groups are about 70% older dykes, all of whom are super friendly, kind, nice and fun. I wouldn't do it just to meet them, but if you've been interested in pet rescue, it's a good opportunity to meet cool folks.
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so if you look up lgbt/lesbian oriented bars or clubs or whatnot in NYC you should just go to a bunch and you will get a vibe for the type of person who goes there and you can probably google to find out its reputation (i.e., you probably don't want a club filled with other hot young girls) and over a few months you should be able to scope out where the older women hang. and just keep going. since it's NYC there will be non-nightlife events targeted towards lesbians as well and you should try these also. if you are talking about meetings that are LITERALLY just for older lesbians looking for younger women, maybe they're not so easy to find. but in general? shouldn't be too hard.
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OKCupid. Also, possibly events at the Lesbian Herstory Archives in Brooklyn -- I know they do speed dating.
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Best answer: Are you involved with lesbians who tech? they have great events in nyc. Dont worry if you are not in tech. my friends jokingly refer to it as "lesbians who job" so you can go. it's a GREAT way for speed dating when you go to their happy hours. really wide age range too - 50 somethings to 20 somethings.
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