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Expert self-managers, how do you do it?

Hey hivemind! :) so I have asked about this in relation to specific behaviours before but I am trying to understand more about EQ lately and part of that is self-management. How do you effective self managers handle things like (i) heated arguments (ii) procrastination (iii) destructive habits?

Thank you!
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Well, I'm not saying that I''m an expert or that I have banished all destructive behaviors from my life. But a large part of this for me was about mindfulness. The ability to be aware in the moment of what is happening , factually and emotionally, is key to my being able to manage it effectively.

There were three things that helped me on my journey to better self-awareness: meditation, journaling and self-tracking. I hate meditating and I sucked at it, but I did learn some useful things from it, like how to breathe through an uncomfortable situation instead of running away from it or going on the attack. Journalling was great after a bad experience - writing about what happened and how I felt helped at the time and was also useful to come back to a few weeks later, when I had more perspective. Self tracking was incredibly helpful - I tracked good behaviors and bad behaviors as well as other things like mood, physical things, diet, exercise, sleep etc. After a few weeks I got to see patterns I hadn't seen before. For instance, I've always hated crying at work. I found that the only times I ever cried at work were after nights of too little sleep - I had literally never made that connection before. I adjusted my sleep habits so that now I get a full 6 - 7 hours every night and it's been years since this was a problem. On days where I have too little sleep, I am careful about putting myself in difficult situations, and all is hunky dory.
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For heated arguments, there's this book: Difficult Conversations

For procrastination, it is often due to perfectionism. First find a way to deal with your inner critic.

For destructive habits, seek counseling.
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